Customers Rapidly Deserting Malls for Ecommerce, Says Former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO

Nordstrom is the class act of the department store segment and doing everything right says Former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO, Gerald Storch. Unfortunately, that is not enough according to Storch because customers are deserting malls for ecommerce.

Short Hills Mall Shooting Victim Identified

The man who was fatally wounded in a carjacking incident has been identified as 30-year-old Hokoben lawyer Dustin Friedland. Friedland was viciously gunned down on the third floor parking lot of the upscale Short Hills mall. The murder is said…

Sisters Ejected From Mall For Breast Cancer Hats

According to a report from Philadelphia news station ABC 6, Zakia Clark and her sisters were booted from the Philadelphia-area King of Prussia Mall on Sunday. The women were reportedly wearing hats emblazoned with the words “FUCK CANCER” in pink…

Bing Maps Spent a Lot of Miles Mall Walking for These New Venue Maps

Malls are terrifying places. Malls are either so crowded that you can barely wade through the legions of shoppers feverish with the bloodlust of commerce or they are so devoid of both stores and shoppers that they represent a chilling…

Bing Adds Shopping Mall Maps to Local Results

Bing is now including Bing shopping mall directory maps in Bing Maps.