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Tag: MacRumors

Apple’s $500 Million ‘Batterygate’ Settlement Clears Final Hurdle
Apple's $500 million settlement agreement stemming from it throttling iPhones has cleared its final hurdle, and the company will begin sending out pay...
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Apple Password Manager Coming to Third-Party Web Browsers
Apple is preparing to enable its Apple Password Manager in third-party web browsers on macOS, making it much easier for users who aren't fans of Safar...
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Don’t Count On a New iPhone SE In 2024
A new report is throwing cold water on rumors that Apple may release a new iPhone SE in 2024....
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iOS 17 Will Give Users 72-Hour Grace Period With Old Passcodes
iOS 17 is addressing a pain point, giving users the ability to use their old passcode up to 72 hours after changing it, just in case they forget the n...
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Report: Apple Supplier Is Ramping Up 15-Inch MacBook Air Production
Apple supplier Quanta Computer is reportedly ramping up production of the long-rumored 15-inch MacBook Air....
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Apple Leaker Goes Dark After a ‘Multi-Step Sting’ Operation
A leaker claims Apple launched a "multi-step sting" operation to uncover their source, causing leaker and source to go dark....
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iOS 17 Will Finally Support Sideloading Apps
Apple's walled garden is finally opening, with iOS 17 slated to support sideloading apps in compliance with EU regulations....
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Apple Music Is Showing Other People’s Playlists
Apple Music seems to be experiencing a bug that causes other users' playlists to show up in random users' libraries....
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Apple’s New M2 Pro Mini May Have Serious Ethernet Issues
Apple's M2 Pro Mini is gaining attention for the wrong reasons, with users reporting serious ethernet issues....
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Users Can No Longer Downgrade to iOS 16.3
Users can no longer downgrade to iOS 16.3, a result of Apple no longer signing the iOS 16.3 update....
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CES 2023: AMD Unveils Its Apple M1 Killer
AMD is taking aim at Apple, unveiling a chip it claims will outperform Apple's custom silicon while offering superior battery life....
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YouTube App Is Causing Some Apple TVs to Lock Up
Apple TV users are experiencing problems with YouTube TV, with the app causing some Apple TVs to lock up....
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Apple Could Be Forced to Tear Down Its Walled Garden
The European Union (EU) has passed legislation that could be the single biggest threat to Apple's walled garden....
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Apple’s Remaining 2022 Launches Will Likely Be via Press Release
Don’t expect any more major Apple events for the rest of the year, with a new report saying Apple will turn to press releases....
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Apple Employees Will Return to the Office April 11
Apple has informed employees they will be required to return to the office by April 11, the first phase of a multi-stage transition to a hybrid workfl...
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Three New Macs Expected in March
Apple seems on the verge of releasing three new Macs in March, according to the latest reports....
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Apple’s M3 Chip Nears Production
Apple may have just released the M1 Pro and Max, but reports indicate the company’s M3 is nearing production....
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Apple’s Upcoming AR Headsets Will Have the Power of an M1 Mac
Apple’s new augmented reality (AR) headsets will offer M1 Mac-level performance, and is expected to hit the market in late 2022....
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Apple ‘Unleashed’ Event Slated for October 18
Apple has announced its upcoming “Unleashed” event, likely focusing on new Macs, slated for October 18....
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iPhone 13 Will Support Calls and Texts Without Cell Service
The iPhone 13 could receive a major new feature, supporting calls and texts even when the phone has no cell service....
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