Black Bear Roaming Suburban Los Angeles

The above picture, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times, shows a black bear Fish and Game authorities were forced to tranquilize Tuesday after he was becoming too familiar a face to local Angeles foothill residence. The bear was popular on…

LAPD Asks Celebs To Tweet The Traffic News

Apparently, L.A. traffic is about to get worse. Beginning on the July 15th weekend, about 10 miles of Los Angeles’ 405 freeway will be closed. For those of us that don’t live in L.A., I’m hearing that this is kind…

L.A. City Council Confirms Support Of Google Apps

Los Angeles’s adoption of Google apps has been called groundbreaking by some onlookers.  It’s also been a cause for concern in certain circles, with delays cropping up and the police department citing security fears.  Now there’s (more) good news for Google, though, as the L.A. city council has again given Google Apps a thumbs up.

L.A. Stumbles In Deployment Of Google Apps

The deployment of Google Apps in Los Angeles – the same deployment that’s supposed to save L.A. $5.5 million over the next five years and inspire many other cities to follow its example – isn’t going according to plan.  Although it appears that neither side is entirely to blame, several problems have cropped up.