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Facebook, Google Ask Congress to Make Computer Science a K-12 Priority
Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more than a dozen other advocacy groups have sent a letter to the Chairman and ranking members of the Senate Health, ...
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Uber Facing Another Lawsuit from Driver Who Claims Employee Status
Uber is once again facing a lawsuit from a driver who says he should be treated as an employee, rather than an independent contractor. A Los Angeles m...
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Revenge Porn Now a Specific Offense in the UK, Punishable by Up to Two Years in Jail
Revenge porn has been a hot topic in legislatures and courtrooms both across the US and abroad. Now, the UK is poised to pass a new law that will make...
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Teens Tweet Group Sex Video, Get Hit with Child Porn Charges
Four Joliet, Illinois teens could spend the next few years in a juvenile facility after posting a group sex video on Twitter. Three boys, aged 14, 15,...
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Montana Yoga Pants Ban Bill Was Literally Laughed Out of the Room
Earlier this week, we told you about Montana State rep David Moore, a Republican with a mission. Moore sponsored House Bill 365, which made headlines ...
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This Lawmaker Wants to Ban Yoga Pants and Speedos
Meet David “Doc” Moore, a Republican legislator from Missoula, Montana. David Moore would like you to please refrain from wearing any sort...
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Interactive Advertising Bureau Weighs In On Obama Proposals
During Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, President Obama briefly touched on some proposals that may have an impact on the digital advertisin...
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Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple & Other Tech Companies Call For Government Surveillance Reform
About a year ago, the Reform Government Surveillance coalition was formed. Today, it includes AOL, Apple, Drobpbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, Linked...
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California Drones Bill Vetoed, Police Not Required to Obtain Warrants for Unmanned Surveillance
California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have instituted regulations on drone use by public agencies – including the police. Amo...
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Unlocking Your Cellphone Is Now Legal – Again
Today, President Obama will sign a bill into law that The White House calls “a win for American consumers, a win for wireless competition, and a...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes House, Heads to Obama’s Desk
The House has unanimously passed legislation, unanimously passed last week in the Senate, that will once again make it legal for consumers to unlock t...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House
Late Tuesday, the Senate passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act with a unanimous vote. The bill, introduced by Democratic V...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate Committee
A Senate bill to reverse a Library of Congress decision and make unlocking your cellphone legal again has passed the Judiciary Committee. In January o...
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Amazon Charges a Penny for Shipping to Get Around French Law
In an attempt to help brick-and-mortar bookstores unable to offer the deep discounts and free shipping that has made Amazon so successful, France enac...
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Google: Driverless Car Tickets Should Come Our Way
What in the hell happens when one of Google’s driverless cars gets pulled over and handed a ticket? I say ‘when’ because it’s ...
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Mom Banned from Facebooking About Kids, Hitler
If a judge orders, as part of a probation deal, that you must stop ranting about Hitler and your family on Facebook, you should probably take it serio...
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State Rep Posts Impassioned Plea Against Butt Sex, Wants Doctors to Oppose Gay Marriage for Medical Reasons
The great state of South Dakota, which has had a legal ban on same-sex marriage since 1996 and a constitutional amendment against it since 2006, is ab...
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Utah Revenge Porn Ban Signed into Law
Utah has just become the latest state to pass laws specifically banning “distributing intimate images of a person without that person’s pe...
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Revenge Porn Ban to Be Proposed at Federal Level
While various efforts to ban so-called “revenge porn” have been taken at the state level, there hasn’t yet been a push at the federa...
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Checking Maps While Driving Not Part of Cellphone Ban, Rules California Court
A California appeals court has ruled that consulting Google Maps on your cellphone is not the same thing as talking or texting on said phone, and ther...
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