Stephen King Publishes “Guns” Essay As Kindle Single

Best-selling author Stephen King has written a personal essay called “Guns,” and has published it exclusively as a Kindle Single in Amazon’s Kindle Store. Amazon made the announcement this morning. King said of the essay, “I think the issue of…

Kindle Serials: A New (Old) Way To Read Books From Amazon

Amazon had a number of new announcements today in the Kindle department. More on all of that here. One announcement that hasn’t gotten quite as much attention as Amazon’s new Kindle devices, however, may give people more of a reason…

Amazon Launches Kindle Singles

 Amazon has officially introduced its Kindle Singles, short format ebooks that it announced plans for back in October.

Kindle Singles are between 5,000  and 30,000 words and are available in the Kindle Store for between $0.99 and $4.99. Amazon said it plans to frequently introduce many more Kindle Singles over time.

Amazon Readies Single-Serving Kindle Books

Amazon announced today that it will launch Kindle Singles, a new kind of Kindle book format that are twice the length of a New Yorker feature or the length of a few chapters of a book.