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Cheryl Hines Is Officially A Mrs. Kennedy
Cheryl Hines married Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. yesterday and has now joined a long and interesting list of Mrs. Kennedys. Cheryl Hines was married Saturd...
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Vicki Kennedy Nominated For USPS Board Of Governors
Vicki Kennedy has been nominated to an advisory position by President Barack Obama. She is being considered for a position on the eleven-member Board ...
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Caroline Kennedy On Familiar Ground In Japan
A week before the 50th anniversary of her father’s death, Caroline Kennedy entered the country she studied and began to admire many years ago: J...
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JFK Assassination – 50th Anniversary Brings Tears, Memories, Suspicion
It’s been 50 years since that fateful day in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. John F. Kennedy’s life was tragically taken while he rode in a mo...
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50th Anniversary Of JFK Assassination Commemorated
The 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was commemorated Friday in Dallas amidst prayers and tears. President Kenne...
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Marina Oswald: the Warren Commission Lied
Marina Oswald, born Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova, is best known for being the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald. Marina was born on July 17, 1941 in Western ...
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JFK Grave Site To Be Visited By Obama And Clinton
The 50th anniversary of the former US president, John F. Kennedy will be commemorated on Friday, November 22.  Before the commemoration, President Ob...
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Lee Harvey Oswald: Wedding Band Up For Sale
Lee Harvey Oswald has remained one of the most fascinating and mysterious people in our history; as the man who fatally shot J.F.K. from a Texas book ...
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Parkland: A Film Surrounding JFK’s Assassination
Did you know that John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald died in the same Dallas hospital? How about that the same doctor worked on both men? The world...
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Michelle Trachtenberg As Lee Harvey Oswald’s Wife
Michelle Trachtenberg is taking on a challenging role as Marina Oswald, wife of the man accused of shooting President Kennedy on that tragic day in 19...
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Caroline Kennedy Leads Family Visit To Ireland
Caroline Kennedy recently led a family pilgrimage to Ireland to celebrate the 50th anniversary of JFK’s visit and visited the Limerick village o...
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Jack Brooks Dies: Texas Congressman Was 89
Jack Brooks, who spent 42 years in Congress during the days when Democrats took up the majority of Texas politics, has died after a short illness. He ...
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