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Tech Exec Says Jurassic Park Doable in 15 Years
As if six movies of rampaging dinosaurs aren’t warning enough, a tech executive has said Jurassic Park could be created in 15 years....
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Anna Faris, Chris Pratt Share Their Secrets For a Strong, Long-lasting Marriage At ‘Jurassic World’ Premiere
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are not only the hottest ticket in Hollywood these days, they also know a thing or two about maintaining a strong, long-las...
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Anna Faris, Chris Pratt Aim to Beat Her Biological Clock, Add More Kids to Their Family
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are the proud parents of son Jack, who is 2. They enjoy an almost idyllic life in the country. Their home sports a big fron...
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Lego Jurassic World Trailer Arrives, Thankfully Contains Goldblum
The most disappointing thing about the upcoming Jurassic World movie is its unsettling lack of Jeff Goldblum – but at least the folks over at Warner...
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Lego Jurassic World, Avengers Games Coming in 2015
If you’ve ever wanted to relive the magic of the Jurassic Park films (mostly the first one) in Lego form, well, you’re in luck. Warner Bro...
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Laura Dern: We Could Do Jurassic World Stuff Now for Real
Laura Dern has done a lot of stuff since Jurassic Park, way back in 1993. She has excelled at playing flawed, cracked characters, like Amy Jellicoe on...
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‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Teaser: Clues About The Movie?
On Sunday morning, fans of Jurassic Park were given their first true glimpse at the upcoming sci-fi action thriller Jurassic World, starring Chris Pra...
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“Jurassic Park” Fans Speculate After Director’s Tweet
Jurassic Park is one of those rare films that holds up–at least special effects-wise–even decades after its release, and the sequels did a...
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Jurassic Park 4: Leaked Raptor Pic Generates Buzz
Let’s face it: The Jurassic Park franchise took a turn for the terrible. And a comeback would not be aided by all the terrible CGI effects that have...
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Cloned Dinosaur Story is a Complete Hoax
Last week a story appearing on the website reported that British scientists had successfully cloned a dinosaur. Citing scientists and sp...
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“Jurassic World” Adds Vincent D’Onofrio As A Villain
News about the upcoming Jurassic World continues to surface, and whether people think they need another addition in the Jurassic Park series or not, i...
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Jurassic Park Scene Reenacted in New York
For the past few weeks acting troupe Improv Everywhere (famous for the “no pants subway ride“) has been releasing videos of people acting ...
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Fossilized Mosquito Found; Sadly Lacks Dino Blood
Smithsonian Magazine just put out a blog that chronicles the strange journey of a fossilized mosquito with ancient blood still contained in its stomac...
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Jurassic Park 4 is Now Jurassic World
We officially have a name and a time to put with the rumors about the fourth version of Jurassic Park. With a just-off-the-mint title, Jurassic World,...
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Chinese Audiences Love Jurassic Park 3D
Chinese audiences marveled at Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur-romping classic from the early 1990’s this week: Jurassic Park 3D earned almost ...
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Giraffes Are Apparently Really Scary [Video]
Giraffes are kind of cute, right? Sure, they’re big, but they always seemed really docile. Well, they apparently can get a little testy as one t...
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Jurassic Park Reboot? Sam Neil Says 4th Installment Is a ‘Total Re-Jig’
Is Jurassic Park 4 going to be a reboot of the classic 1993 film? Sam Neil, who played Dr. Alan Grant in the first and third installments, seems to th...
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Scientists Dash Jurassic Park Hopes with DNA Half-Life Study
Dinosaurs bit the dust around 65 million years ago, but pop-science has held that maybe, just maybe, some sort of DNA recovery could lead to a Jurassi...
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Dinosaurs Were Never Able To Catch A Break
I think we can all agree that Dinosaurs never got a fair shake. We would be riding on giant lizards and keeping T-Rexes as pets if it wasn’t for...
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“Jurassic Park” 3D Release Date Set
Since it’s release in June of 1993, “Jurassic Park” has continued to awe movie lovers with effects that still hold their own in a ti...
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