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Tag: Julian Assange

Media Groups Voice Support for Julian Assange
Media groups have come out in favor of Julian Assange, urging the US to drop the charges against him....
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WikiLeaks Blasts Google For Giving FBI Personal Data, Delaying Notification
Google reportedly delayed by two and a half years disclosure to WikiLeaks that it gave emails and other data from three of its staff to the FBI. This ...
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George Clooney is Engaged to Amal Alamuddin
Hollywood has been waiting for this day for a long, long time! George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are engaged. What?? Yep, PEOPLE reports that a source...
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Edward Snowden Is Now An Action Figure
For some, the epitome of fame is having an action figure made of them. If Edward Snowden feels that way, he’s now officially famous. That’...
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TPP Chapter published by WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks is at it again, publishing secret political documents of largest-ever economic treaty. A controversial chapter of the Trans-pacific partners...
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Weekend Box Office: The Fifth Estate Fails Miserably
Nothing changed this past weekend, in regards to the top two spots as Gravity and Captain Phillips both held onto their first and second position. Pro...
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Julian Assange Discusses Life in Exile
Julian Assange has once again gained international attention. This time, however, it has less to do with his leaking-abilities and more to do with his...
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Wikileaks Leaks Script for ‘Fifth Estate’
With a tweet, a leak: As WikiLeaks was never consulted about the upcoming Hollywood film on us, we've given our advice for free: It's bad ht...
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Edward Snowden Is Now In Russia, Is Seeking Asylum In Ecuador
Edward Snowden, the man behind a series of leaks that exposed NSA spy programs, is now on the run from the U.S. He was originally lying low in Hong Ko...
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Julian Assange, Eric Schmidt Discuss Censorship, Bitcoin And The Internet In Recently Published Conversation
It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder that’s still hiding out in the Ecuadorian e...
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Julian Assange Forms Wikileaks Party, Runs For Australian Senate Seat
Early last year, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange found that he could technically run for the Australian senate while under house arrest in London. A ...
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Place Your Bets Now On How Julian Assange Will Escape The Ecuadorian Embassy
Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is still holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He’s been there since June, and it doesn’...
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Anonymous To Launch Their Own Wikileaks Competitor
Anonymous and Wikileaks were the best of buds for the last few years. Members of the hacker collective even risked arrest to obtain emails from Stratf...
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Wikileaks Angers Anonymous By Implementing A Paywall
Wikileaks has always been about the free distribution of information. In every interview and speech, the site’s founder Julian Assange speaks on...
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Wikileaks Finds A Friend In Anonymous With #OpFreeAssange
Wikileaks and Anonymous have been close for quite some time now. Many of the recent leaks that have come out of Wikileaks were obtained by members wit...
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Wikileaks Says Assange Will Go To Sweden If Certain Conditions Are Met
Wikileaks, and its Australian founder Julian Assange, have been under fire for the past two months. He has been holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy...
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Julian Assange Demands That The U.S. Stop Persecuting Wikileaks
It’s official – Julian Assange has been granted asylum by the South American country of Ecuador. Unfortunately for Assange, it’s loo...
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Julian Assange Granted Asylum As UK Police Surround Ecuador Embassy
We brought you word a few days ago that Julian Assange was to be granted asylum to Ecuador. The country’s president, Rafael Correa, quickly twee...
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Julian Assange Granted Asylum To Ecuador [Rumor]
The biggest political event this year isn’t the presidential race or that Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. The biggest event tha...
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WikiLeaks Has Been Down For Nine Days Following Massive DDoS Attack
WikiLeaks is no stranger to being brought down by DDoS attacks. The Web site has been attacked multiple times, usually after a major leak. This past w...
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