Mobile Privacy: Who’s Responsible for the Concerns?

As smartphones become more prevalent, mobile privacy issues also become much more of a concern. The root of the issue is with the user data that the apps collect. Consumers obviously want a great user experience, but they also want their data – personal information- respected, which makes for a challenging situation.

What Will the FTC’s Privacy Framework Do?

When the Federal Trade Commission released its final report on privacy last week, it made several recommendations for the future of privacy. Thus far, it has received both praise and criticism for the framework it laid out.

Could Obama’s Privacy Plan Threaten the Internet?

The ongoing debate over online privacy is in the spotlight once again. However, this time, it’s the White House that’s at the center of the controversy. Last week, the Obama Administration announced a privacy plan that would give consumers more…

Online Privacy Debate Heats Up With FTC And Commerce Dept. Reports Coming Soon

To say online privacy is a controversial area is an understatement. It’s always been challenging but has gotten even more so with the rise of social networks, online shopping, and targeted advertising.