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Tag: Joaquin Almunia

EU Still Waiting On Google To Come Up With New Proposal
Google has offered a handful of proposals in the years-long antitrust probe in Europe to avoid having to pay as much as $6 billion in fines, but conti...
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Do These Google Search Changes Go Too Far Or Not Far Enough?
As you may know, Google has been in the middle of an EU antitrust investigation into its search business for three years. Google has submitted proposa...
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Google EU Antitrust Settlement Expected In Days
Though this wouldn’t be the first time we thought so, Google and the EU are reportedly very close to finally settling the big antitrust probe th...
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EU Gives Google ‘Weeks’ To Offer New Concessions
The big European Google antitrust probe continues, but may be getting closer to a resolution. Either that or we may be getting closer to formal charge...
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Google’s Proposals Still Not Good Enough For EU
The European Commission is reportedly not accepting Google’s latest proposal to settle the lengthy antitrust probe into the company’s sear...
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European Commission Asks Google Competitors To Review Antitrust Proposals
At the beginning of the month, European Commission antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia gave a speech providing an update on where the lengthy Google antit...
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The Big Google Antitrust Probe May Be Nearing End
A few weeks ago, we learned that Google had given the European Commission a new proposal to potentially resolve a lengthy antitrust probe after failin...
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Europe Waits For Google To Revise Antitrust Proposals
European Commission antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia spoke to the press today in Brussels, indicating that he’s waiting on Google to revise propo...
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Google To Regulators: We’re Doing A ‘Good Job’
This week, Google addressed recent proposals it presented to the European Commission in an attempt to settle a lengthy antitrust investigation. These ...
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Google’s Competition Proposals Not Good Enough For EU
Last month, the EU finally released a public document discussing Google’s proposal to end a lengthy antitrust investigation. With the document, ...
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Do Google’s Search Proposals Go Far Enough?
The EU has finally come out with a public document discussing Google’s proposal to end a lengthy antitrust investigation, and addressing the pre...
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Google To Alter Search Results To Settle With EU
No official announcement has been made yet, but reports have come out indicating that Google has settled with the European Commission in a two-year an...
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Will Google Help Competitors To Appease Regulators?
As you may know, the European Commission has been investigating Google’s search business for about two years. This is expected to reach a conclu...
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Is Android Giving Google An Unfair Advantage?, the organization made up of Google competitors mostly in (but not limited to) the the travel industry, has filed a new complaint with ...
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No Google Antitrust Decision Until After Summer Break [Report]
It’s looking like this Google antitrust thing won’t be resolved anytime soon in Europe. Reuters is reporting that EU antitrust chief Joaqu...
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Google Submits European Antitrust Proposal, Leibowitz Resigns From FTC
Google has submitted its settlement proposal to the European Union Competition Commission, Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told reporters. The details of...
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It’s Not All Smooth Sailing For Google In The European Antitrust Waters
It looks like Google won’t be getting off as easy in Europe as it did here in the U.S. with regards to recent antitrust investigations. As you m...
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EU Has “Substantially Reduced” Its Differences With Google
The FTC’s investigation into Google’s search business is expected to wind down very soon, and from the sound of it, the investigation in E...
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Report: Google Proposal In Europe Involves More Branding Of Google Properties In Search Results
In Europe, Google may soon add more branding to search results that come from its own products. The search giant has been in discussions with European...
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EU Competition Chief Talks Antitrust Concerns About Google And Microsoft
EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia spoke at Fordham University in New York City at an antitrust conference on Thursday. After talking about f...
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