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Tag: JC Penney

Eva Longoria Tells How to Spice Up Your Bedroom
Eva Longoria has some tips for putting some life back into you bedroom. Her suggestions may seem a little simplistic at first, but she says she learne...
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Toys R Us Opening Thanksgiving Day
Toys R Us is among the group of retailers who have decided to open for business on Thanksgiving Day. The toy chain will open their stores at 5:00 P.M....
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JCPenney Closing 33 Under-performing Stores In Spring
The start of 2014 has not been a good one for various big-named retail stores. For example, Target encountered various issues with their credit card i...
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J.C. Penney Announces The Closing of 33 Stores Nationwide, Cuts 2,000 Jobs
On Wednesday, Jan. 15 the J.C. Penney Company, Inc. announced that it would be closing a total of 33 stores across the United States. In a brief press...
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JC Penney’s New Ad: You Came Back To Us, Thank You
A couple weeks ago, JC Penney put out an ad essentially begging customers to come back after alienating a third of them, and dropping holiday sales by...
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Will JC Penney’s Social Media Strategy Help It Win Back Customers?
Update: Interestingly JC Penney has now set the video to private. JC Penney has put out a video apologizing for alienating loyal customers, and essent...
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The Trials & Tribulations of J.C. Penney’s ‘Fair and Square’ Strategy
When the country and, really, the world is descending into an economic sinkhole, you have to play your hand carefully when it comes to how you try to ...
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