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Visual Studio Code Updated With M1 Support
Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Code, adding support for Apple’s new Macs running on its M1 custom silicon....
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Mozilla Firefox 83 Sports Major JavaScript Performance Boost
Mozilla’s latest Firefox release, version 83.0, boosts a major increase to JavaScript performance....
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Google Gives Updated Guidance On JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps
On Friday, Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller gave webmasters an update on the current state and recommendations for JavaScript sites and pr...
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Google Withdraws Previous Crawling Recommendation
Google announced that it is deprecating its AJAX crawling scheme, and webmasters need to be aware of how things have changed to ensure Google is crawl...
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How To Use Google’s New Blocked Resources Report
Google just introduced a new Webmaster Tools feature called the Blocked Resource Report, aimed at helping webmasters find and resolve issues where Goo...
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Yahoo Stops Development On User Interface library
Yahoo announced that it is stopping development on the Yahoo User Interface library (YUI). It’s been around since 2005, and was launched to the ...
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Google Gives Webmasters New Page Rendering Tool
Last week, Google named some JavaScript issues that can negatively impact a site’s search results, and said it would soon be releasing a tool to...
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Google Names JavaScript Issues That Can Negatively Impact Your Search Results, Readies New Webmaster Tool
Ever wonder about how Google handling the JavaScript on your site? It’s a common question, as Google’s Matt Cutts has discussed it several...
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An Update (Kind Of) On How Google Handles JavaScript
The latest Google Webmaster Help video provides an update on where Google is on handling JavaScript and AJAX. Well, an update on where they were nearl...
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Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down Amid Controversy
Brendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO following controversy about his support of California anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8 in 2008...
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Mozilla Brings Unreal Engine 4 To Firefox
HTML5 has come a long way since it was being used to render simplistic 2D scenes in a browser. Just last year, Mozilla ported Unreal Engine 3 to Firef...
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HTML5 Devs Can Now Sell Their Apps On The Amazon Appstore
HTML5 is the future, or so says open Web proponents. Everything you can do in native code on Android or iOS, they claim you can do in HTML5. While tha...
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Adobe Brings Native Canvas Support To Flash Pro
It’s been said time and time again that HTML5 would replace Flash sooner or later. That may yet happen, but it looks like Adobe isn’t inte...
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JavaScript Is Encroaching On The C Family’s Turf
The C family of languages is incredibly popular if you go by the TIOBE Programming Community Index. That has not changed going into June 2013, but one...
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Mozilla and Epic Games Bring Unreal Engine 3 To The Web
For the longest time, HTML5 was far behind Flash in terms of game development as it didn’t offer a native experience. Mozilla and others have be...
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Google’s Cutts Talks About Blocking JavaScript
For the second day in a row, Matt Cutts answers a question from a fellow Googler in a Webmaster Help video. This one comes from Webmaster Trends analy...
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Matt Cutts On Google’s Handling Of Single-Page Sites
Google has released its latest Webmaster Help video. This time, Matt Cutts discusses single-page sites, and how Google handles them. Specifically, he ...
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WebGL Has Come A Long Way Since Last Year
Last year, Mozilla released an impressive tech demo called BananaBread that showed how HTML5 and WebGL can handle 3D rendering in a game. It was very ...
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Learn To Use Dart With Google Web Toolkit
Dart, Google’s own programming language for the Web, has a number of fans and proponents that elevate it beyond a simple hobbyist language. Now ...
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Mozilla Kills The PDF Plugin In Firefox 19
We just got Firefox 18 earlier this week, but Mozilla already has its sights set on the future. That future is one devoid of PDF plugins, like Adobe A...
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