Box CEO: I’m A Pretty Annoying Founder

Box co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie recently appeared on the Jason Calacanis podcast, This Week In Startups, where he talked about being annoying and stubborn.

Uber Built A Very Anti-Fragile Business, Says Jason Calacanis

Early Uber investor Jason Calacanis says that unlike Lyft, Uber built a very anti-fragile business with the combination of Eats and Rides and has become relentlessly focused.

In Silicon Valley, the Entire Conversation Is Why Am I Here?

Tech visionary Jason Calacanis, in an interview on CNBC, says that California and Silicon Valley are doing everything they can to get rid of great companies like Telsa: It seems like they’re singling Elon Musk out for some reason which…

If People Can Ride the Subway We Can Open Factories, Says Jason Calacanis

“If people can ride the subway and if people can go to Trader Joe’s and pack into all these different places we can start to open factories,” says legendary tech entrepreneur Jason Calacanis during an interview on CNBC today.

EmployeeXM – The “Coolest” and “Most Sophisticated” Employee Experience Product

“There’s a gap between what they think is happening and really what’s going on,” says Qualtrics CEO & Co-Founder Ryan Smith. “So we said, hey, we’re going to go hard into developing the coolest, easiest, and most sophisticated employee experience…

Jason Calacanis: This Could Be Facebook’s AOL Peak, Their Yahoo Peak

Internet entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis says that Facebook may go the way of AOL and Yahoo. “This could be, it’s possible, maybe not probable but possible, this could be their AOL peak, their Yahoo peak,” said Calacanis.

Inside Has Improvements On The Way

Last week, Jason Calacanis released a new news aggregation app called Inside. As far as we can tell, the response so far has been generally positive, with some users suggesting they have quickly become “addicted” to it. Like with any…

How This Panda Victim Google-Proofed His Business

Earlier this week, famous web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis unleashed his new app Inside. It’s a news aggregation service, which has proven immediately addictive to fans. While the app itself is an interesting enough story in its own right, there’s another…

Calacanis Moves On From Google Panda Update With Apparently Google-Proof Product ‘Inside’

Jason Calacanis is back with a new news app called Inside. It’s out for iOS and Blackberry with an Android version on the way. There’s also a mobile web version. Calacanis talks about the project as well as the demise…

Calacanis Talks Panda Update and Expert Content, Bets on Video

After Google rolled out its Panda algorithm update earlier this year, Mahalo, run by Jason Calcanis, got hit hard, and the company had to reduce its staff by 10%. Calacanis told us, “All we can do is put our heads…