Nike Black And Tan Sneaker Gets A New Name

To some, the term “Black and Tan” simply refers to a drink, the result of mixing a pale beer and a dark one. To others, it has a more negative connotation; it’s also the name of a British paramilitary force…

“Irish SOPA” Signed Into Law By Minister Sherlock

You may recall that during the whole nasty business with our own SOPA and PIPA, there was a similar law going through the rounds in Ireland. This “Irish SOPA” faced heavy resistance from many within the Irish and global community…

Microsoft / Yahoo Search Alliance Expands in UK, Ireland, France

Microsoft and Yahoo have begun the migration of Yahoo Search Marketing accounts in the UK, Ireland and France to Microsoft adCenter. This is, of course, part of the “Search Alliance” between the two companies, with Microsoft powering Yahoo Search, both…

Anonymous Protests Irish SOPA, Sees Results

Anonymous is targeting Irish government Web sites over their own version of SOPA. The country is looking to bring into law their own version of SOPA before the end of January. The law would allow Irish courts to block access…

EMI Sues Ireland For Not Blocking Pirates

EMI, one of the three big music companies and a vocal supporter of SOPA, has filed suit against the Republic of Ireland for failing to bring itself into line with EU law regarding anti-piracy measures. EMI has been lobbying the…

Netflix Now Available in the UK, Ireland

After announcing the expansion last October, Netflix has finally pulled the trigger and launched its service in the U.K. and Ireland today. According to a blog post, the service will work just like the North American service – a once-a-month…

Google Buys Tallest Office Building In Dublin

In 2003, Google opened its first office in Ireland, and following a rapid expansion, it doesn’t look like the company intends to reverse course anytime soon.  Google’s now purchased the tallest office building in Dublin for about $136 million.

The Montevetro Building, as it’s known, is 15 stories high and offers 210,000 square feet of office space.  It’s located in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock district, is currently unoccupied, and even has its own rail station to boot.

Facebook Plans Hiring Spree In Ireland

Any member of Facebook’s HR department who happens to be based in Ireland is going to have a busy year ahead of him (or her).  A new report’s indicated that Facebook intends to add 100 employees, thereby increasing the size of its Irish workforce by about 50 percent.

Street View Set To Cover All Seven Continents

Sometime today, Street View fans should be able to take in sights on all seven continents for the first time ever.  Coverage of Brazil and Antarctica will make this possible, and images of Ireland are supposed to become available, to boot.

Google To Establish New Ops Center In Ireland

The number of people Google employs in Ireland should soon grow by 200.  Google’s announced that it intends to establish a new operations center in the country, and the company’s wasting no time in getting it up and running.