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Tag: Internet Explorer

Microsoft Is Disabling Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Today
Microsoft is disabling Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 installations today, putting another nail in the old browser's coffin....
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Goodbye and Good Riddance: Internet Explorer Is Officially History
Microsoft has officially retired Internet Explorer, ending support for the web browser that was instrumental in helping the company defeat Netscape....
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Windows Pioneer: ‘Screw You, Microsoft Edge’
Microsoft is in the hot seat from none other than one of its Windows Pioneers, over aggressive advertising in its Edge web browser....
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Microsoft Edge for Linux Getting Sign-In and Sync Support
Microsoft is adding sign-in and sync support to the Linux version of its Edge web browser....
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Mozilla Working On Major Firefox Design Refresh
Mozilla is planning on a design refresh of its flagship browser, the first such refresh since 2017....
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Microsoft Looking For Help From Linux Developers to Port Edge to Linux
Microsoft’s Edge web browser has received generally positive reviews, and has proven to be a worthy successor to Internet Explorer and a solid conte...
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Microsoft Patches Serious Flaw In Internet Explorer
Microsoft has released an emergency fix for Windows 10, following the discovery of a serious flaw in Internet Explorer. The flaw is a remote code vuln...
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Google Ends AdWords Support For Old Versions of IE
Earlier this month, Microsoft ended its support for older versions of Internet Explorer, including 8, 9, and 19. Support ended on the 12th. On the 11t...
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A Lot of Small Businesses Still Using IE Versions Microsoft Is Ending Support For
Microsoft recently announced that it would stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, which means a lot of businesses are going to need to t...
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Microsoft Is About To Stop Supporting Older Versions of Internet Explorer
Next week, Microsoft will stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer including 8,9, and 10. The company announced that support will end on Ja...
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Internet Explorer Is Pretty Much Dead
Yes, this is a headline from 2015. You might think that Microsoft’s much-maligned web browser has been dying for years – and you’d be ri...
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Google Discovers ‘POODLE’ Vulnerability In SSL 3.0
Google announced that it has discovered a vulnerability (referred to as POODLE) in SSL version 3.0, the details of which can be found here. Bodo Möll...
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Microsoft Gives Devs A Look At IE For Windows 10
Microsoft launched a technical preview of Windows 10, and with that comes some updates to Internet Explorer. You can only use the preview at this poin...
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Microsoft Postpones IE Java-Blocking Feature
Microsoft recently posted to its Internet Explorer blog that it would begin blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls as part of its “ongoing commit...
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Google Looks At Apparent IE Sponsored Post Spam
Tech blogger/investor Michael Arrington revealed that someone who claimed to be a “social strategist on behalf of Microsoft” tried to get ...
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Internet Explorer: Stop Using It
Everyone has a favorite Internet browser. If yours happens to be Internet Explorer, you may want to switch to a different one. Internet Explorer has n...
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Internet Explorer Security Flaw Puts Users at Risk, Feds Say Switch Browsers
If, for some reason, you still use Internet Explorer to browse the web, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises that you switch to a differen...
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Internet Explorer 11 Gets Enterprise Mode
Microsoft announced that it has launched an update to Internet Explorer 11 with an Enterprise Mode feature aimed at helping businesses keep up to date...
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Internet Explorer Thinks Its Time To Rethink The Modern Web
Internet Explorer has come a long way since it became the butt of every Internet browser joke back in the mid-2000s. While it’s still looked dow...
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Internet Explorer 11 Now Hits Window 7 Officially
Internet Explorer 11 has now been launched for Window 7 users too. Earlier, Microsoft had promised that the new Explorer will arrive on Windows 7, so ...
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