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Adobe Creative Cloud and Gmail Integration Announced
Adobe and Google Cloud have announced an integration between Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Gmail to make it easier to share and collaborate on projects...
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Xiaomi Says Camera Issue Has Been Identified And Partially Fixed
Following reports that Xiaomi cameras integrated with Google’s Nest Hub, showed images and feeds from strangers’ cameras, The Verge is reporting t...
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FCC May Block Facebook From Integrating Its Various Messaging Apps
According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Federal Communications Commission may seek a preliminary injunction to prevent Facebook from integrati...
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Tinder Puts Your Instagram Photos on Your Profile
It’s commonplace to see a link to one’s Instagram profile inside their Tinder profile – and now Tinder has cut out the middleman. Tinder...
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Twitter Wants Celebs to Stop Posting Instagram Links
Twitter wants celebrities and other high-profile users to know that Twitter has its own photo editing tools and that they should be using those, and p...
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Foursquare Adds Grubhub Seamless Food Delivery
Foursquare not only wants to makes it easier to find the food you crave, but has now taken steps to help you get it to your face with the most minimal...
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Facebook Including Instagram Likes in Photo Like Totals
In what appears to be some new integration between Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram, it looks like Facebook is now including Instagram likes ...
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Bing Makes Searching, Browsing Facebook Photos Much Easier
Bing is expanding its Facebook integration to hopefully help users have a better photo experience across the site. Today, they are launching a new fea...
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Google Integrates Hangouts Into Gmail
Google wants to make your video communications within Gmail even better. Starting today, they’re rolling out Google+ Hangouts integration which,...
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New Etsy / Facebook Integration Lets You Share Your Unique Finds
Artsy e-commerce website Etsy has just announced some new integration with Facebook that will make it easier for your friends to see what you like on ...
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Google News Now Integrates Google+ Content
Google has integrated Google+ into another one of their products: Google News. As of today, you can now see content from your Google+ circles in ̶...
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Is The Twitter Focus Helping TV?
It really does seem like a match made in heaven, right? Twitter and Television. Are people sitting on their couches, watching their favorite shows, an...
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