VPN Providers Abandon India Amid Privacy Crackdown

As expected, India’s new privacy regulations are leading to a mass exodus of VPN providers.

Apple Poised to Move a Quarter of iPhone Production to India

Apple is preparing to move a significant portion of its iPhone manufacturing to India as it tries to lessen its reliance on China.

Pixel 7 To Be the First Google Flagship to Arrive in India in Years

Google is planning on releasing the Pixel 7 in India, marking the first time the company has released a flagship phone there in several years.

India Blinks, Extends Deadline for VPN Rules by Three Months

India has pushed back the deadline for new rules governing VPNs by three months amid an uproar that has seen some providers leave the country.

Unrelenting Spam Forces Google to Suspend RCS in India

Google may be throwing its full weight behind RCS messaging, but it’s been forced to suspend the feature in India due to businesses abusing it to spam users.

ExpressVPN Removes Its Servers From India

ExpressVPN has removed its servers from India in response to legislation that requires VPNs to track and log a significant amount of user data.

VPN Providers May Be Forced to Pull Out of India

VPN providers may be forced to pull out of the Indian market over a new law that undermines the privacy VPNs offer.

India Plans to Be Net-Zero by 2070

India, the third-largest pollution emitter, has announced plans to be net-zero by 2070.

Huawei and ZTE Excluded From India’s 5G Trials

Huawei and ZTE are in an all-too-familiar situation, both of them being excluded from a country’s 5G trials.

German Regulator Wants to Stop WhatsApp/Facebook Data Sharing

A German regulator is the latest to object to data being shared between WhatsApp and Facebook, and is taking steps to stop it.

India Will Give $1 Billion to Chip Manufacturers That Set Up In-Country

In its bid to become a major manufacturing powerhouse, India is offering $1 billion in cash incentives to chipmakers that set up in-country.

India Wants to Block WhatsApp Data Change

India is asking a court to block WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook, saying the change violates local laws.

India May Ban All Types of Cryptocurrency

India has proposed legislation that would ban cryptocurrencies, in the most restrictive such legislation worldwide.

India Wants WhatsApp to Abandon Its Planned Privacy Changes

India has asked WhatsApp to reconsider its announced privacy changes, the latest backlash the company is facing.

Huawei Will Take Part In India 5G Trials

Despite allegations that Huawei represents a major security risk, India is set to include the company in 5G trials, according to the International Business Times. Huawei is facing pressure around the world due to concerns it represents a way for…

Truecaller Flaw Puts 150 Million Users at Risk

Zak Doffman at Forbes is reporting on a newly discovered vulnerability in the Truecaller app that puts 150 million iOS and Android users at risk. Truecaller is one of the premier caller ID apps, identifying unknown calls from mobile, landline…

Bumble CEO: Launching in India to Further Empower Women

Bumble is launching in Inda with the help of its new investor and brand ambassador actress Priyanka Chopra. The CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, said in an interview that they have made several changes in an effort to empower women and to make them feel more comfortable using the app in India.

Uber Rapist Given Life in Prison in India

An Indian Uber Driver, who was convicted of rape while endangering the life of a woman, kidnapping, and criminal intimidation last month, has been given a sentence of life in prison. Shiv Kumar Yadav was found guilty in Delhi on…

Facebook Slows Staff’s Internet So They Know What 2G Browsing Feels Like

Many of Facebook’s more than 1.5 billion users aren’t browsing Facebook with the same lightning fast (heh) speed as you are. In many countries, like India for example, Facebook users must suffer through 2G speeds. With that in mind, Facebook…

YouTube’s Newest Creative Studio Is Coming to Mumbai

Google has announced the location of its newest YouTube Space – Mumbai, India. It’s the second such creative space in Asia (Tokyo). YouTube Spaces, a project first launched in 2012, provides places “where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with…