Google Talks About Getting Your Images Removed From Google Images

Last week, Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video talking about why Google, in most cases, won’t remove pages about you from its index. Today, Google has uploaded a similar video about removal of images from Google Images. Instead of Matt…

Google Image Search Optimization Now More Important To SEO

Google announced forty changes it has made to its algorithm/search quality efforts over the past month. One of them was the increased sensitivity of Panda. Another was “more locally relevant predictions in YouTube“. I’m not going to run down every…

Yahoo Image Search Gets Redesign

Yahoo has launched a new version of Image Search with a new tiled look on results pages. Images become larger when you hover over one of the image titles. You can also sort images by three category tabs as they…

Google Now Lets You Search for Recent Images

Today, Google revealed a new date-filtering feature for Google Images, which lets you search for recent images. On Google’s Inside Search Blog, Google Images software engineer James Synge wrote: Back in April, we introduced Google Images with date annotations, a…

How to Optimize Your Images For Search Engine Traffic

The following is part of a multiple part series covering image optimization techniques. This article is intended for beginners through intermediate SEO’s; if this doesn’t pertain to you, you may want to skim as most of this will probably be…

Bing Makes Image Search More Interesting

Bing has introduced a new landing page style for its image search feature. Now when you go to Bing, and click on "images", you will be presented with a page that graphically displays the top 20  current image searches and images that accompany them. 

Can Bing Take on Google With These New Features?

Bing introduced a handful of new features. The one that will likely catch the most interest is the extension of its recent announcement regarding Facebook. Now, Bing will start showing you which of your Facebook friends have liked search results as they appear in your searches. 

Should Google Be Getting More Bing-Like?

This week Google released its new design for Image Search. The new design includes a tiled layout with instant scrolling between pages. This has already drawn some inevitable comparisons to Bing’s image search, which is particularly interesting given Google’s overall more Bing-like user interface launched earlier this year.

Webmasters Complain About New Google Image Search

It’s very rare that a major website launches any kind of redesign without any complaints from users. Google is no stranger to this itself, and it should come as no surprise that this week’s launch of the new Google Image Search has come with its own share of complaints (although I’d be surprised if the complaints outweighed the positive opinions).

Google Launches New Image Search Ads

Google began rolling out a new design for its image search today, and along with that came a new ad format. The format is called (appropriately) Image Search Ads.