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Tag: humor

Olivia Wilde Responds To Mean Tweets From Trump Supporters After Criticizing The GOP Candidate
Olivia Wilde has always been outspoken about her political views. Because of this, the 31-year-old actress got involved in a Twitter war with Donald T...
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Groupon Offers $25,000 Stand-In For Sons On Mother’s Day
Oh, that Groupon. The company just announced that for $25,000, it will send one of its employees to your mother’s house in your place on Mother&...
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Netflix Makes Fun Of Apple With ‘Netflix Watch’
After Amazon unveiled its Prime Air drones in 2013, Netflix released a parody video showcasing its own vision for drones, which would see the devices ...
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Amazon’s Echo Device Quickly Parodied
On Thursday, Amazon unveiled Echo, its new $200 cylindrical device that listens to you and tells you stuff. Okay, it does more than that, but that see...
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Conan Checks In With Minecraft Inventor About Microsoft Acquisition
The big news on Monday was that Microsoft is buying Mojang, the company behind the hugely popular Minecraft, for $2.5 billion. Naturally, the subject ...
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Channing Tatum Posts Parody Tutorial Video, Learn ‘The Dick Graze’
On Sunday,  Channing Tatum posted a parody video about a new way for men to greet each other. Called “The Dick Graze,” Tatum’s tutorial video f...
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Alibaba IPO Gets The NMA Treatment
Next Media Animation is at it again. The Taiwanese animators have released this video depicting a predictably insane take on the Alibaba IPO. It invol...
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‘Danzig Getting Knocked Out’ Is Still Recommended Viewing Like A Decade Later
Roughly a decade ago, a famous video hit the web featuring Glenn Danzig getting knocked out by the guy from the Northside Kings. If you’re readi...
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Derek (Of The Netflix Original) Has A New YouTube Guide
If you’ve watched Derek, the Ricky Gervais Netflix Original, you know that the titular character loves YouTube videos – particularly video...
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Matt Cutts Gets New ‘Melody’ Treatment
Okay, this exists. This comes from I randomly came across it on StumbleUpon, and it hardly has any views yet, so let’s change ...
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Yelp Introduces The Yelpulus Rift
Remember that Netflix video parodying Amazon’s famous drone video? It looks like Yelp tried to do something similar, making light of Facebook...
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‘Cancel Colbert’ Is Your Daily Dose of Dumb Twitter Outrage
In people clearly not understanding the basic idea of satire nor differentiating between network and personal Twitter accounts news, Twitter’s a...
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Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Parodies Dead Island
Dead Island was one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. The game itself wasn’t bad – it was actually quite good. The disappointment ca...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Dons Apron At ‘The Tonight Show’ With Jimmy Fallon
It’s not every day that one gets to see The Terminator in an apron, but that’s just what Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he appeared on The Tonight...
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Now There’s A Matt Cutts Whack-A-Mole Game
So remember that Matt Cutts Donkey Kong game from a few weeks ago? That has inspired a new Matt Cutts Whack-A-Mole game, in which (you guessed it) you...
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Here’s Netflix’s Answer To Amazon’s Drones
It seems a little late for a parody of Amazon’s drone video from December, but Netflix has one out. It was uploaded a week ago by Netflix’...
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Conan O’Brien Discusses Turning Down Microsoft CEO Job On LinkedIn
Conan O’Brien took to LinkedIn to explain why he turned down the Microsoft CEO job, which was recently awarded to longtime staffer Satya Nadella...
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Goat Simulator Is Now A Reality Thanks To The Internet
Last month, Coffee Stain Studios, makers of Sanctum and Sanctum 2, shared a short alpha gameplay video of an experiment they called Goat Simulator. Qu...
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‘House Of Cards’ Season 2 Gets A Lot More Dog Murder In This Parody
The Unlikely Allies YouTube channel has released a new House of Cards: Season 2 parody, featuring an intro from executive producer fake David Fincher ...
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This Is How Dumb We Must Sound To Google
College Humor has put out a pretty humorous video pointing out how stupid search queries would sound if you spoke them aloud to a person. In this case...
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