Microsoft: Too Much Collaboration Is Bad for Employee Happiness

Two Microsoft executives have released the results of their research into what makes employees happy, and the results are surprising.

Microsoft Overhauls HR Policies, Will Conduct Civil Rights Audit

Microsoft is revamping its HR policies, introducing sweeping changes on a number of fronts as the company works to set itself apart from its fellow tech companies.

Google Fires Black Woman It Hired to Increase Black Recruitment

Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment. Lays Off 4,000 Employees Without Telling Them continues to be the poster child for HR screw-ups, laying off 4,000 employees who only found out when their termination checks arrived.

Harvard Business School: ‘Current Hiring System Is Broken’

Harvard Business School has released a new report highlighting just how “broken” the current hiring system is.

Google Agrees to Pay $2.6 Million In Wage Discrimination Case

Google has agreed to pay $2.6 million to women and Asian workers to settle a discrimination case, according to the Department of Labor.

GitHub Apologizes For Firing Jewish Employee Who Warned of Nazis

GitHub is backpedaling, apologizing for firing a Jewish employee who warned of Nazis and offering him his job back.

Yelp On Defensive Again, This Time Regarding Wages

Yelp is no stranger to controversy, and this time it finds itself making headlines after now former employee Talia Jane wrote a lengthy open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman complaining about not being compensated enough. Do you think Jane was…

Social Network Screenings Could Harm Businesses, Shows Study

As the general public has jumped onto Facebook and Twitter in the past few years, more employers are now using social networks as human resource screening tools. Though there may be nothing illegal with businesses viewing public social media profiles,…

Employee Facebook Passwords: Another Complication

The scandal about employers asking for employee and interviewee Facebook passwords is growing fast. We talked about a few examples of this disturbing trend here before, including a discussion of the potential legal issues that could result. While the debate…

HR Pros See Value In Social Media

Social media plays an important role in problem solving and strategy development in the workplace according to a new survey of 900 human resources executives conducted by and PJA.

Among HR executives and professionals, social media usage outpaced editorial and vendor content consumption. Respondents used social media at a rate of 3.77 hours per week, compared to 2.77 hours of online editorial content and 2.13 hours of online vendor content.