Google Folds Hotpot Into Places

Five months ago, Google launched a local recommendation product called Hotpot and explained that Google Places was one of three main ingredients (along with “the places you like” and “the places your friends like”).  Now, the situation’s been reversed, as…

Google Adds Hotpot Recommendations to Regular Search Results

Google announced that it is now adding results from Hotpot right in regular search results (with the local Google Places results it’s already putting there). 

If you’re not familiar with Hotpot, launched late last year, this video pretty much sums it up:

Google to Improve Social Search with fflick Acquisition?

Update: Apparently the acquisition is more about YouTube. Interesting. Google’s official announcement here.

Google Lets You Search with Local Recommendations From Specific Friends

Google announced a new Google Maps feature today, related to the company’s recently launched Hotpot social recommendation product. Now, users can search Google Maps, and request results based on the recommendations of specific friends. 

Google Places with Hotpot App Released for iPhone

Google has launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone. Given the iPhone’s pending availability to Verizon customers, this should provide a huge boost in use for Google’s recently launched local offering. Google Places with Hotpot has been available in Google Maps for Android, but now it’s a standalone iPhone app too. 

Google Tests NFC Tech, Holds Hotpot Contest In Portland

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is not mainstream.  Indeed, the average consumer probably hasn’t heard of it yet.  But Google’s going to give NFC and its new Hotpot service a push in Portland, encouraging local businesses and consumers to get involved.

Google Talks Local Search Relevance Factors

Google is placing a great deal of emphasis on local in its search results these days. In fact in many cases, it would appear to significantly reduce the importance of ranking in the regular organic results

Google Brings New Level of Relevancy to Local

Google has combined local search with personalized search, and social search to make a potentially powerful new kind of Google result that should benefit both users and businesses. These results come from a new Google product called "Hotpot", a recommendation engine designed for integration with Google Places.