T-Mobile Delivers Record-Breaking Results in 2023

T-Mobile has given a glimpse into its full-year performance, handily beating both Verizon and AT&T while delivering record results.

Biden Promotes High-Speed Internet Provision of Infrastructure Bill

President Joe Biden is talking up the high-speed internet provision of his signature infrastructure bill.

Senators Want High-Speed Internet Threshold Quadrupled

In a letter to several government agencies, a bipartisan group of senators is calling for the definition of “high-speed” internet to be quadrupled.

High-Speed Internet: Should Google Bother?

It seems these days that Google is trying to have a finger in everything and anything. Therefore it was only a matter of time before the company decided it should seriously consider providing its own high-speed internet service. Google is…

Google Fiber May Be Coming to These 9 Metros

Take a look, people. If your city is on this map, Google is at least actively considering bringing Google Fiber your way. The company just announced that they will be looking at the feasibility of installing its 1 gigabit (soon…

Google Shoots for 10 Gigabit Fiber in Three Years

The U.S. has slow internet. It sucks. The giant iron fists of a handful of monopolistic ISPs continue to pound the weak, helpless masses. One bright spot in the dark, depressing wasteland has been Google Fiber, Google’s one gigabit high-speed…

Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO

In 2010, Google kicked off a contest to find a city to test its experimental, ultra-high-speed fiber network.  The ambitious network will boast 1 gigabit per second fiber-to-the-home connectivity, a speed nearly 100 times faster than most Americans have currently.…