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Tag: haha

Facebook Is Surprisingly LOL-Deficient
Facebook has a lot of data it can comb through, if it so pleases. The latest dive into what people are doing looks into how people laugh on the social...
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CNN Talking Heads Use Product-Placed Surface Tablets As iPad Stands
Once again, Microsoft is having a hard time controlling the variables of its product placement. You may have been watching CNN’s election covera...
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Hawk Is Sick and Tired of Man’s Encroachment on the Sky, Takes Out Drone
Wanna see a hawk that hates drones as much as the FAA? A hawk flying above Magazine Beach park in Cambridge, Massachusetts saw a quadcopter drone all ...
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NFL Announcers Keep Calling Microsoft’s Product-Placed Surface Tablets ‘iPads’
Oftentimes, a brand can become so ubiquitous that people stop thinking of it as a brand of a specific product, and instead begin to associate the bran...
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No Filter? Site Catches Instagram’s Biggest Liars
If you want to let everyone know you’re such a good iPhone photographer that you don’t need to use one of Instagram’s complimentary ...
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Squirrels Hate Your Selfies, Bro
Now that ‘Selfie’ is the reigning word of the year and everyone from Kim Kardashian to President Obama are spending at least part of their...
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Girl Gets Stuck in Storm Drain Trying to Save Blackberry
Not worth it. Not even remotely. A 16-year old Dover, U.K. teen had to be rescued by firefighters after she descended (about half-way) into a storm dr...
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‘Family Friendly’ Walking Dead Will Re-Air on Fox Syndicate This Fall
If you love AMC’s hit zombie show The Walking Dead but hate all off the things that make The Walking Dead a zombie show–mainly the graphic dep...
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