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Tag: Google Tech Talks

This Google Tech Talk Is All About 3D Printing
3D printing is going to change the world. That’s at least what some people will tell you. Those who are a bit more realistic will tell you that ...
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Mozilla Engineer Gives Google Tech Talk On Release Engineering
Mozilla Director of Release Engineering recently gave a Google Tech Talk, which Google has now made available for viewing. “The build and releas...
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Google Tech Talk Focuses On Organizing World’s Scientific Knowledge
Google uploaded a recent Google Tech Talk called, “Organizing Organizing the World’s Scientific Knowledge to make it Universally Accessibl...
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Google Talk Deals With Building The Virtual Brain
Google Tech Talks always cover come interesting topics. This time, it’s the Virtual Brain – a project that involves the construction of a ...
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Google Talk Asks: Do You Fall At Same Rate As Your Mirror Image?
Theoretical physicist Stephon Alexander gave a Google Tech Talk earlier this week, which Google has now made available for viewing. The talk is called...
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Google TechTalks Takes A Trip To Sesame Street
One of the challenges facing our nation and many others is getting children excited about science and other STEM fields. Google definitely has an inte...
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Google Posts Tech Talk About Saving Lives
Oxford University Fellow Toby Ord recently gave a Google Tech Talk called “How Many Lives Can You Save? — Taking Charity Seriously”....
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Learn How NASA Uses Google Earth For Space Missions
Google has shown that it has an interest in space what with its founders funding space missions, and the company sending Bugdroid to space. Beyond tha...
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