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Tag: Google Talks

Latest Google Talk Delves Into The World Of Mind Saboteurs
Your mind is a wonderful thing until it decides to be a scumbag. In fact, I’m sure most of us can think of multiple ways in which our minds sabo...
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‘This Is The End’ Stars Sit Down For A Chat At Google
The folks at Google occasionally get the chance to sit down and have a chat with celebrities. When they do, Google makes sure to share the love with e...
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The Robot Chicken Crew Stopped By Google For A Chat
Robot Chicken has consistently remained one of the best shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The team behind the show are some of the funniest...
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Google Talk Deals With Building The Virtual Brain
Google Tech Talks always cover come interesting topics. This time, it’s the Virtual Brain – a project that involves the construction of a ...
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Google TechTalks Takes A Trip To Sesame Street
One of the challenges facing our nation and many others is getting children excited about science and other STEM fields. Google definitely has an inte...
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Climber Kevin Jorgeson Talks @ Google
Free climber Kevin Jorgeson recently participated in an @Google Talk, to discuss “The Fun Scale”. From the YouTube description: Kevin Jorg...
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Chef Deb Perelman Talks Smitten Kitchen @ Google
Google has been posting a lot of talks with authors to YouTube lately. A few of them have been specifically with authors who also cook. The latest one...
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Kristin Davis And Others Talk Hunger Relief At Google
Google has posted video from a recent Google Talk called Oxfam: Ending Poverty And Hunger Starts With You, featuring atress and Oxfam Global Ambassado...
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Get Your Bone-Safe Yoga Education From Google
Google has posted a video to its Google Tech Talks YouTube channel about bone-safe yoga. In the talk, Kathleen Cody, Shelley Powers and Annie Appleby ...
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Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet) Talks @ Google [Video]
Adam Roberts, creator of the award-winning blog The Amateur Gourmet, recently gave an @Google talk. Google posted the speech in its entirety to YouTub...
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A Chef From One Of The World’s Best-Rated Restaurants Speaks At Google
Many of us have food on the brain today. If this includes you, why not take a half hour to listen to what the head chef of one of the world’s to...
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Here’s Peter Gabriel Giving A Google Talk
Musician Peter Gabriel gave a talk at Google earlier this month, and Google has now made it available on its AtGoogleTalks YouTube channel. If your...
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