Google Makes Deal In “Jewish” Autocomplete Case

Back in April, Google was sued (again) over something that’s really not their fault. Or is it? Several French anti-discrimination groups, including SOS Racisme, accused Google of “creating probably the greatest Jewish history file ever,” and said that French Google…

Google Sued Over “Jewish” Autocomplete Suggestions

If you’ve spent any time on humor sites, forums, or user-submitted content aggregators like reddit, you have probably seen Google’s autocomplete search feature used as a tool for discovering the sometimes fascinating, sometimes downright odd, and oftentimes frightening collective queries…

Google Search Suggestions Generate Controversy in Argentina

A court in Argentina granted an injunction filed by Argentinian Jewish organization DAIA to have Google block certain sites from its search suggestions in its Argentina search engine. The organization has deemed the sites to be anti-Semitic and offensive, and…

Is Deleting Your Facebook Account Really a Good Idea?

Since Facebook announced its plans to take over the web, there has been a lot of talk about privacy concerns, and about deletion of Facebook profiles. There is also concern about the lack of openness in Facebook’s Open Graph initiative. Others are just bored with the social network. Whatever the reasons, an increasing number of people seem to be interested in deleting their Facebook profiles.

Google Suggest For Mobile Gets Universal Answers

More so than when a nice, big keyboard is at hand, every moment and character counts when someone is trying to search using a smartphone.   It’s rather significant, then, that universal search features have been introduced to Google Suggest for mobile.

Google Now Showing Suggestions for “Islam Is”

Update: Google is now showing suggestions for "Islam is". They can be seen in the screenshot below.