Google Search Appliance Gets Big Update With Version 7.2

Google has launched a major update to the Google Search Appliance with version 7.2, aimed at making it easier for employees and customers to find documents and easier for businesses to organize data. The new version comes with improvements to…

Google Launches A New Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance has been around for about a decade, and today, the box has received a new update with version 7.0. This version adds universal search, refined relevance signals and some other bells and whistles. “The GSA 7.0 helps…

Google Search Appliance Connects To Cloud

The odd-looking yellow box that Google markets as the Google Search Appliance is now better than ever.  Google’s announced several new features, including improved cloud connectivity and a people search option.

Cloud Connect is definitely the main attraction here.  It introduces the ability to search content stored within Google Docs and Google Sites, along with Twitter and other sites.

Google Makes Google Search Appliance More Accessible with OpenSearch

Google announced today that it has integrated the Google Search Appliance with the OpenSearch protocol, which is a collection of formats for sharing search results. OpenSearch can be used to describe a search engine, so that it can be used by search client applications.