Authorship in Google Results to Include Comments, Expanded Circles Features

Google continues to make changes to the authorship element it displays in search results. Yesterday, we reported on Google now letting you set it up by verifying your email address on your Google Profile, though this makes your email address…

Google Authorship By Email

Google announced that you can now set up authorship for search results by verifying your email address with your Google profile. This is an extension of the authorship markup launched earlier this year. What this does is tell Google that…

Google Launches “Me on the Web”

Google has released a new feature called “Me on the Web.” It’s a reputation management tool accessible from the Google Dashboard, underneath the Account details. Google says the tool makes it easier to set up Google Alerts, and suggests search…

Google Profile Redesign – Part of Google’s New Social Strategy?

Google announced a redesign for Google Profile pages, which has a somewhat familiar look to it (if you’re a Facebook user). There’s a big profile picture in the upper left-hand corner now in a column, and the user’s series of photos stretches across the top. Under that, there are sections for an introduction, employment info, education, places lived, etc. You can still connect the links you’re associated with, just like the old profiles. There is a separate tab for Buzz.

Is a Lack of Search on Google Profiles Hurting Buzz?

Google’s Rick Klau points out that homepage for Google Profiles is missing a pretty obvious feature – search. While Google profiles are tied into your Google account as a whole, when it comes to Google Buzz, your Google profile is essentially your Wall. All your Buzz posts appear here, and so do any of your personal links you want people to see.