When Will We See Google Music?

Depending on who you ask, Google Music is either weeks or months away from launching.

A report from Businessweek suggests that the launch may come as soon as next month.

Whereas CNET says we’re months, rather than weeks, away. So, what’s the hold up here?

Business Insider has a new theory.

Google’s Music Strategy Revealed?

Very interesting article from Billboard today. Apparently Google is circulating a proposal among major record labels regarding forthcoming music service. The proposal provides clues as to what we can likely expect. 

Billboard’s Ed Christman says the service would include an a la carte digital download store, as well as a subscription-based cloud-based locker. He cites "industry sources", reporting: 

Search For Google Music Chief May Be Underway

According to Google’s own people, Google Music – which might be a music download service designed to let users store songs in the cloud at some point – will launch this year.  Trouble is, the Google Music project doesn’t have any sort of public leader, and Google’s now supposedly trying to remedy that problem.

Google Music, Android 3.0 To Launch Together This Year

Two of the most anticipated projects in development at Google should be rolled out in a coordinated fashion rather soon.  Android product manager Gaurav Jain indicated in a recent interview that Google Music and Android 3.0 will come out together in time for the holidays.

Google Music Store Rumors Resurface

Sometime in the next six months, it may become possible for individuals to buy music straight from Google.  People familiar with the matter believe the company will launch a music store with ties to its main search engine, and later, a cloud-based subscription service is supposed to debut.