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Tag: Google Display Network

Facebook Ad Network Takes On Google
Facebook ads will now target non-users of Facebook on outside websites and apps, directly challenging the supremacy of the Google Display Network. Pre...
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Google Display Network Gets Viewability Boost
Google announced on Tuesday that it has completed the upgrading of all CPM campaigns on the Google Display Network to viewable CPM (vCPM) campaigns ma...
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Google Announces AdWords Audience Insights, 100% GDN Viewability, Dynamic Remarketing Improvements
Google announced new tools for advertisers including AdWords Audience Insights, 100% Viewability on the Google Display Network, and enhancements to dy...
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Google Display Network Ads Expand To Google Play Music
Google introduced a new free, ad-supported streaming music service today as one tier of its Google Play Music offering. In doing so, it has opened up ...
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Here’s What The New AdWords Editor Does
Google announced the launch of an update to its latest version of AdWords Editor. Version 11.0 was released last year, and now 11.1 is available. You ...
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Google In-App Ads Let You Target Those Who Have Made In-App Purchases Before
Google announced a new targeting capability for its in-app display ads, enabling advertisers to target users who have actually made in-app purchases i...
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Google Display Network Gets Custom Affinity Audiences
Google announced that it will soon roll out custom affinity audiences across the Google Display Network. This will let advertisers define who they wan...
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Google’s New Mobile Ad Formats, Flash-to-HTML5 Tools
Recognizing that display ads don’t always translate well from the desktop to mobile devices, Google announced on Monday that it will be launchin...
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Google Redesigns Text Ads On Display Network
Google is pushing out a new design for text ads on the Google Display Network. “Our new text ads have been designed with better readability in m...
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Google Discusses New Campaign Type For Display Network
Google hosted a “Hangout on Air” today about getting better performance out of Search Network with Display Select. This is a new hybrid ca...
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Google Display Network Lets You Buy Based On Viewability
Google has introduced for the Google Display network the ability to buy based on viewability in real time across its two million sites. Viewability wa...
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New ‘+Post Ads’ Let Advertisers Reach Millions Of Sites With Google+ Posts
It was only a matter of time before Google+ got ads, and that time has now come. Google product manager Eran Arkin announced in a Google+ post that th...
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Google Posts Multiscreen Brand Building Webinar
Google has released video from a recent webinar about brand building in a multiscreen world. The video is about a half hour long, and discusses ways t...
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Google Launches Some Text Ad Tweaks
Google announced some new enhancements for text ads on the Google Display Network today. “Text ads have proven to be a great way to help adverti...
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Google Lightbox Ad Format Introduced
Google introduced a new “Lightbox” ad format today. This, the company says, is the first of a new family of display ads it’s working...
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Google Finally Launches Demographic Targeting Options For Display Network
Two years ago, Google launched demographic targeting in beta for the Google Display Network, and finally, the company is expanding it to more advertis...
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Google Display Network Gets New Targeting Option
Google announced today that it’s rolling out a new targeting option for Google Display Network advertisers. The new option, for Flexible Reach, ...
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Google Lets Users Click An X To Stop Seeing Ads From Specific Campaigns
Google is launching a new [x] button on some of its display ads over the next several weeks. Much like display ads on Facebook, the user will stop see...
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Google Brings AdChoices Features to Europe
Giving users clear notice about the ads they are viewing is a top priority for Google and it has become increasingly popular with the advertising indu...
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Google Display Campaign Optimizer Now Available to YOU
Last month, Google added the Display Network tab to AdWords and announced the biggest-ever upgrade to its contextual engine, which enables it to optim...
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