Bing Search API Now Available With Tiered Pricing Structure

Microsoft turned some heads last month when they announced that the Bing Search API would be heading exclusively to the Windows Azure Marketplace. A lot of non-profit groups like libraries were understandably upset because Microsoft wanted $40 a month just…

Google Custom Search Makes It Easier To Get New Content Indexed

Google has a new way for sites that use Google Custom Search to add pages to the custom search engine’s index. “Our users have been telling us that while they love the concept of on-demand indexing, manually entering URLs or…

Google Makes Site Search Analytics Easier

Google is making it easier for site owners who use Google Custom Search to add Google Analytics Site Search tracking from their custom search engine. “Google Analytics Site Search reports provide extensive data on how people search your site once…

Google Creates Themed Ads For Custom Search

Bold, in-your-face ads have never been Google’s style; instead, the search giant professes to prefer ads that attract users’ attention by being relevant.  So now, in a move appropriate to that philosophy, Google’s introduced themed ads matched to Google Custom Search.

Sites with grayish backgrounds and some green text will now be accompanied by similarly colored ads.  Ditto for sites with greenish backgrounds and some purple text, or whatever the case may be.

Google Getting Rid of Old Version of AdSense for Search

Google is retiring the old version of AdSense for Search and telling users to switch to the new version powered by Google Custom Search, which has been offered for a while.

If you see "powered by Google" on the logo on the search results page, then you’re using the old one. In a post on Google’s Inside AdSense blog, Katrina Kurnit writes: