Flash Users Double HTML5 Users

Infographics are an “in” thing right now, because, let’s face it, it’s hard not love visually-appealing graphics that offer a clean presentation of the information in question. In this case, the subject under scrutiny has to do with web file…

New Google Chrome Ads Eschew Comedy for Dramatic Moments

Let it never be said that Google doesn’t promote their products. Granted, they aren’t big adopters of television advertising — save for their famous Super Bowl commercial — but that doesn’t mean they won’t use other mediums to entice would-be…

Latest Google Chrome Beta is Polished for Speed

Let the Browser Wars continue unabated!  Google Chrome saw its tenth incarnation delivered in beta format today, and the search engine company — is that even accurate anymore — is boasting about some major speed improvements for the ever-gaining Chrome browser.

Google Launches New Chrome Version

Google is launching the latest stable release of its Chrome Browser for Windows. This version comes with the heavily requested extensions and bookmark sync features.