Google Buzz Is About To Be Dead. Wait, What? Google Buzz Was Still Alive?

Google has sent an email around to Google Buzz users about their data from the service, which the company announced would be shutting down back in October 2011. If you’re like me, you were probably surprised to get an email…

Report: Google Sued Again Over Google Buzz Privacy

MediaPost is reporting that three Gmail users filed a lawsuit against Google this week in relation to privacy violations from the Google Buzz launch. Google Buzz, in case your memory of Internet happenings doesn’t extend that far back, was an…

Google Buzz Is Still Part Of The Twitter Conversation

I’m not going to lie. I kind of wanted an excuse to try out Twitter’s new embeddable timelines, but I couldn’t help but notice that there still seems to be an odd amount of mentions of Google Buzz going through…

Google’s Horowitz Talks About Moving On From Buzz

As you may have heard, Google announced that it will be shutting down Google Buzz. The truth is, many of us have been waiting for Google to make the move. Even when Google gave webmasters the +1 button to add…

Google Buzz Gets Killed, Along with Code Search, Jaiku, iGoogle Social Features

When Google launched Google+, it didn’t take long for some of us to speculate about the demise of Google Buzz. Now, we don’t have to speculate much more because Google has come out and said they’re shutting it down, along…

Is Google+ Killing Google Buzz?

Ordinarily, I don’t go for the one thing killing another conversation, but in this case, it’s two products from the same company, and one with some possibly unneeded redundancies. Combine that with the fact that Google has a history of…

Is Google’s +1 Button Killing Google Buzz Already?

Google Buzz has never lived up to Google’s hopes for the service. That seems pretty clear now. Much like the ill-fated Google Wave, it launched to much hype (not to mention privacy concerns), but for the most part fizzled out…

Google Buzz Agreement Reached With FTC

Google Buzz, the social network built into Gmail, has faced its share of complaints regarding automatic opt-ins and privacy issues.  Last year, Google settled a class action suit by contributing to a fund for organizations involved in internet privacy and…

No Real Social Media Plan? Try Starting With This.

Coming up with a social media plan isn’t always the easiest thing to do for businesses. There are so many factors that come into play, even beyond the landscape of communities that actually exist. For example, business leaders need to ask questions like: How much time should be spent interacting with social media sites? How many people should be representing the company on social sites? How much of their time should be dedicated to it? Should it be the full-time job of one person? The full-time jobs of more people? Only part of the job for a lot of people? Etc. Etc. Etc. 

Need More Traffic to Your Content? You Might Try a Tool Like This.

You know how Facebook’s "like" buttons, retweet buttons, and various other social sharing buttons can help drive traffic to your site? ShareThis has launched a widget that site owners, particularly ones who put out a lot of content, may find useful for driving traffic and engagement with that content. 

Share Private Picasa Web Albums Privately with Buzz Followers

Google Buzz now lets you share private Picasa Web Albums privately. When you create a private album, the people you choose to share with will see a notification in Google Buzz.

Buzz Makes Move to Generate More User Interest

Twitter recently launched some new features for suggesting users to follow. The more people of interest you have to follow, the more useful you’re bound to find the service. The same applies to Google Buzz, which is probably why Google decided to release a similar feature.

A Buzz Post from the Google Buzz Team says:

Google Adds Features to the Google Buzz API

Google has released a "garden hose" for Google Buzz. This is a random sampling of public Google Buzz posts for developers who don’t have the required resources to support the traffic that comes with the firehose.

The garden hose has a query rate under the free quote limit of Google App Engine, Google says. "As such, many more developers will be able to easily get their hands dirty on this great source of real-time data," says Google’s Eric Steinlauf.

5 Current Social Media Stories That Mean Good Things For Your Business

There are too many happenings everyday in the social media space for any single business owner to keep up with. Today’s web is fast, and very, very innovative. The production never slows down. New tools and integrations are launched seemingly every other minute.

While I’d encourage you to sift through the headlines and social media app directories on a regular basis, I’ve put together a few currently unfolding storylines with big implications for business owners.

Google Buzz Just Became a Great Deal More Useful

Google has introduced some new features to the Google Buzz API, which launched at Google I/O back in May. This includes the much-requested firehose, which makes available all public activities on Buzz as they are published, with one subscription.

Google Puts Buzz Into Social Search

Google has expanded its social search feature to include additional links that appear in the Buzz tab of users’ Google profiles. Users who use Google Buzz have the option to add "connected sites" and post content from these sites publicly on their Google profiles.

Does the World Still Need Twitter?

Twitter users know that the service goes down fairly often, but that doesn’t seem to alienate them. While Twitter has certainly had its issues with user retention in the past, it continues to grow. Last month, the site grew by nearly 10% (over the previous month) by our estimates, with total registered users estimated at 122 million.

Is the Future Getting Brighter for Google Buzz?

As I talked about a couple weeks ago, Google has been making some moves that could greatly increase Google Buzz’s shot at more widespread adoption. This includes the addition of some features, and perhaps more importantly, the release of the Buzz API (announced at Google I/O).

Gmail and Google Buzz Get Google Maps Previews

Google has released a new Gmail Labs feature that lets you preview Google Maps within Gmail and Google Buzz.

"I often receive emails containing addresses in them — where to meet for dinner, the location of my friend’s new apartment, etc. To find out where these places actually are, I have to copy the address, open up Google Maps, and paste it in," says Google software engineer Mark Knichel, explaining the motivation for creating this feature.

Will Google Buzz Find Mainstream Appeal?

Google is starting to make some significant moves that may give Google Buzz a significant boost. For example, this week, a "Reshare" button was announced. This is essentially Google’s version of the retweet. If you follow a Buzz user who posts an interesting update, you can hit the "reshare" button (down with the comment, like, and email buttons) to repost that post to your own Buzz stream.