Google Analytics Update: Better Understanding of Site Interactions

Google announced an update to sessions in Google Analytics. The company says it will lead to a “clearer understanding of website interactions.” As it stands now, GA ends a session when over 30 minutes have elapsed between pageviews for a…

Google Adds +1 Button Data to Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools

Google announced the addition of +1 button data to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. These new metrics can show you how the +1 button actually affects the traffic to your site. In WMT, there is a Search Impact report, which…

Compete: Comparing Our Data to Google Analytics is Apples and Oranges

Compete, as you may know, provides analytics tools, and shows website traffic data on things like unique visitors, pageviews, visits, etc. The data is sometimes compared to Google analytics, and often tells a different story. We reached out to Compete…

SEO Reports in Google Analytics

Google announced the launch of a limited pilot for SEO reports in Google Analytics, which are based on search queries data from Webmaster Tools. “Webmasters have long been asking for better integration between Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics,” Google…

Google Analytics Gets an Upgrade

Google showed off a new version of Google Analytics at a conference in San Francisco today. While it’s not widely available yet, Google has made it available to a small group of users for testing. The company has posted a…

German Government May Fine Businesses for Using Google Analytics

How much do you rely on web analytics? Probably a great deal, and with good reason. It’s incredibly hard to get ahead online without looking at analytics and using that information to your advantage. Many of you probably use Google Analytics for this, but what if the government threatened to fine you for doing so? 

Google Launches In-Page Analytics Feature

The life of the average Google Analytics user is about to get rather less complicated.  Today, Google announced a beta feature called In-Page Analytics that should allow people to stop juggling tabs or dealing with older, less sophisticated tools.

In-Page Analytics works as an overlay (indeed, it replaces Site Overlay), allowing users to see data superimposed right over different products or design elements.  And as the video below explains, there are plenty of ways to fine-tune the readouts and view more details.

Google Launches Analytics Dashboard

Google has launched the Google Analytics Status Dashboard, which lets users check on the current status of components in Google Analytics, such as Data Collection, Web Report, and the GData API.

This means you can check on whether data from sites are being collected by Google Analytics servers correctly, whether users can view the reports correctly when they sign in to their accounts, and whether the APIs are working properly. 

Google Analytics SDK Now Supports Apple’s iOS 4

Google announced the release of the latest version of its mobile SDK for Google Analytics. This version supports the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 4. 

The new version of the SDK (version 0.8), which is in beta, also includes fixes for Android. 

Google Adds Analytics Support to Chrome Extensions

If you have a Google Chrome extension, this news might interest you greatly. Google announced today that it has added support for Google Analytics to the Chrome Extension Gallery