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EU Rules That User Data Can Be Transferred to the US
The European Union has issued a significant new decision, ruling that EU user data can be transferred to the US....
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Swedish Privacy Watchdog: ‘Companies Must Stop Using Google Analytics’
Sweden is the latest EU country to come out against Google Analytics, telling companies they "must stop using" it....
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Norway On the Verge of Banning Google Analytics
Norway may soon join the list of EU countries banning Google Analytics following an initial conclusion that it violates the GDPR....
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France Warns Companies Over Google Analytics Use
Companies in France are being warned that default use of Google Analytics is illegal over concerns of data transfer between the EU and US....
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Google Analytics 4: What You Should Know
Web analytics have come a long way. Learn more about the history of analytics, the start of Google Analytics, and Google Analytics 4 below....
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France the Latest Country to Crack Down on Google Analytics
France is the latest country to crack down on Google Analytics, over concerns it violates the GDPR the EU's privacy legislation....
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Google Analytics Is Illegal in Austria, Violates the GDPR
In what may be the first of many such rulings, Austria has ruled that Google Analytics violates the GDPR and is therefore illegal....
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How Data Analytics Empowers Businesses
Many know that data is the most precious resource of the modern world.  What many don’t know is how to refine data into its most valuable form....
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Daniel Miessler: Google Being ‘Left Behind Due to Horrible UI/UX’
Respected cybersecurity professional and tech writer Daniel Miessler is making the case that Google is being “left behind due to horrible UI/UX.”...
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The Latest Tool For Cybercriminals: Google Analytics
According to cloud security firm Akamai, cybercriminals are using Google Analytics to gauge the success of their phishing campaigns. The report highli...
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Google Just Revamped the Google Analytics Mobile App
Google released an update for the Google Analytics app on both Android and iOS, which improves access to a full overview of data and real-time busines...
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Google Analytics Adds User Explorer Reporting (And More)
Google’s latest release notes for Google Analytics reveal some interesting new features including a new set of reporting called User Explorer Re...
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Google Analytics 360 Suite Aims to Make Life Easier for Enterprise Marketers
Google announced the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which is comprised of six products (four of which are brand new), and is aimed at enterprise-class ma...
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Google Adds Google Analytics Support for AMP
While this was always intended to be part of the whole thing, Google just announced Google Analytics support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which...
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Don’t Measure Conversions? That’s Ok, Google Has You Covered.
Google announced the launch of a new Google Analytics feature called Smart Goals for businesses that don’t measure conversions. The aim of the f...
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Google AdWords Manager Accounts Get New Features
Google announced some new features for AdWords Manager Accounts (MCC) including Google Analytics account linking and remarketing tag and list sharing....
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Test Your Google Analytics Implementation With Tag Assistant Recordings
Google announced the launch of Google Tag Assistant Recordings, which is aimed at helping you instantly validate your Google Analytics or Google Analy...
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Google Analytics Gets Some New Features
Google announced the addition of a new publisher reporting section to Google Analytics. This replaces AdSense Reports, and is actually called “P...
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App Annie Gives Developers Free In-App Analytics With Google Analytics
App Annie, an app data service, which is in use by a reported 700,000 apps, just launched In-App Analytics in open beta with Google Analytics integrat...
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Google Analytics Remarketing Lists Extended To Search Ads
Google said on Thursday that it will now let advertisers use audiences (formerly known as remarketing lists) created in Google Analytics to reach peop...
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