Twitter May Be Prepping Tighter Geo-Targeted Ads

Twitter currently allows marketers who send out promoted tweets to target users based on their interests, gender, device, and even keywords. Twitter also has some form of geo-targeting – but it’s not too specific. Twitter only lets promoted tweeters target…

MapQuest Open Roll-out Rolls On

MapQuest’s embrace of user-generated content from a topographical perspective continues with the release of additional editions of MapQuest Open.

By aggregating its data from the OpenStreetMap service, MapQuest Open allows users to interact with their applicable map, which would, according to MapQuest’s blog entry, “indicate rapid change in geographic locations, points of interest and routing.”

Businesses Benefit as Customers Share Current Locations

Is the world really ready for geo-location? That’s a question that a lot of companies are answering with a resounding "yes." The rise of smartphones has led to a variety of businesses looking to cash in on your whereabouts. Smartphone users have their devices on them all day long, wherever they go. Naturally, these companies can find ways to capitalize on this.