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Tag: geo-location

Matt Cutts On Geo-location: Just Treat Googlebot Like Every Other User
In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts responds to a question about geo-location: Using geo-detection techniques is against Google, I a...
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Google Latitude Continues to Hobble Along, Website Down
Two days after initial reports started appearing in a help forum that Google Latitude was performing about as well as a rocking horse at the Belmont S...
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Windows Phone Collects Location Data, Too
With all the hubbub surrounding the recent discovery of the iPhone’s location data collection protocols, other mobile phone developers are falli...
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Where Can Groupon-Like Services Go with Geo?
Ok, I'll admit it, I'm liking Groupon, SwarmJam, and other email-driven and mobile local coupon deals.. heck, what's not to like about the service?...
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Will Location-Based Services Break Out in 2011?
Location-based services continue to get a great deal of attention as more services pop up, existing ones add features and integrations, and busines...
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Check-In Apps Add Key Relevancy Factor to Your Marketing
Are check-in apps just a fad or are they the future of local business marketing? It may still be too early to tell, but I'm starting to lean toward...
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GetGlue: Foursquare for Entertainment Nuts
If someone were to ask you to name the trendy social services right now, more than likely they’d say Facebook, Twitt...
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Space: No Longer the Final Frontier for Foursquare
It seems that Space is no longer the final frontier when talking about Foursquare check-ins. Douglas Wheelock, a NASA astronaut, h...
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Gowalla Launches OAuth-Based Check In API
Gowalla has announced the launch of its new Check in API. This is different than the Gowalla API, which was launched in February, which first let d...
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The Hotlist Comes to the iPhone
Geo-social aggregator The Hotlist has launched a new iPhone app aimed at letting users see the latest on th...
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5 Current Social Media Stories That Mean Good Things For Your Business
There are too many happenings everyday in the social media space for any single business owner to keep up with. Today's web is fast, and very, very...
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Foursquare Coming to a Search Engine Near You?
Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley says the company is in talks with "everyone" in the search space including Google, Microsoft, and Ya...
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Google Lets Users Find Results Based on Location
Google has added the ability to search by location to its list of search options. The option is called "nearby". "Lo...
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Why Even Local Search is Becoming More Real-Time
As the web quickly becomes more mobile and social than ever, we see apps filling voids that were mostly left empty throughout the history of search...
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PleaseRobMe Hits Foursquare Users with a Dose of Reality
Update: Fousquare has issued a respons to the attention PleaseRobMe has brought to potential privacy issues associated with location sharing. ...
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Businesses Benefit as Customers Share Current Locations
Is the world really ready for geo-location? That's a question that a lot of companies are answering with a resounding "yes." The rise of ...
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Google Tailors Mobile Search Suggestions to Location
Google has launched search suggestions based on geographical location for iPhone and Android devices. This is currently only available in the Unite...
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