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Tag: GeForce

Yes, Nvidia’s Latest Driver Is Causing CPU Spikes
Nvidia's latest GeForce driver is the culprit in CPU spikes users have been experiencing after playing 3D games....
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Fortnite Coming Back to iPhones and iPads…Sort Of
Apple and Epic may be fighting it out in court, but it appears a path has been cleared for Fortnite to return to iOS devices....
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Nvidia Announces GeForce GTX Titan Z, Costs $3,000
PC gamers are usually characterized as jerks with a superiority complex that are never happy with their current machines. While that may be true for s...
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CES 2013: Nvidia Booth Tour Takes A Sneak Peak At Smart Cars And PC Gaming
Like usual, Nvidia had one of the more eventful shows at CES. Its keynote revealed a number of new products, including the Tegra 4 processor and Proje...
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Nvidia’s GeForce Experience Enters Closed Beta
PC gaming has come a long way since the DOS and command line era where gamers had to input commands to even get a game to run. If you have a capable s...
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Nvidia Releases New Linux Drivers For Its GTX 600 Series
Valve announced today that the closed beta for Linux is now beginning for those lucky few who were selected out of the 60,000 applicants. Those player...
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti Comes With Free Borderlands 2
Are you in the market for a new video card? Are you also looking forward to the release of Borderlands 2? Then does Nvidia have a deal for you. The gr...
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Nvidia Set To Launch GeForce GTX 660Ti In August
Nvidia has been on fire lately. They have successfully launched the latest line of graphics cards in their 600 series and have continuously reduced th...
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Nvidia Reveals The GeForce GTX 690
Did you know that Nvidia holds a gaming festival in China? Even if you did, you probably ignored its existence until the company started to post crypt...
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 670Ti Specs Leaked
Nvidia made quite a splash last month with the launch of its new GTX 600 series line with the GTX 680. It was an impressive card that added many new f...
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Launches Today
We’ve been hearing rumor after rumor and even a leaked review, but today is finally the day – the GeForce GTX 680 has officially launched....
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Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Review Leaked
Nvidia has been really tight lipped on its next generation of PC video cards. The same video cards that are meant to combat AMD’s head start wit...
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Nvidia Kepler Video Cards Rumored To Be In Production
It’s been a long time waiting, but Nvidia appears to finally be starting production on its line of Kepler GK104 video cards. For those unaware, ...
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