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Tag: Gaikai

PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service Announced
As part of its big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presentation, Sony today announced a new streaming video game service called PlayStation Now. Sony ...
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Sony Patents Method To Make Old Games Feel New Again
Remakes are nothing new to the game industry. Ever since Nintendo remade the first three Mario games for Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES, developers...
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PlayStation 4 Unveiled: The Next Generation of Gaming is Finally Here
Yesterday, at an incredibly hyped conference, Sony unveiled its next-generation video game console, the PlayStation 4. Not all of the details about th...
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PlayStation Cloud Domains Registered by Sony’s Gaikai
It’s the eve of Sony‘s big PlayStation 4 announcement, and rumors are beginning to give way to leaks. The news broke today that multiple i...
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Sony Officially Acquires Cloud Gaming Service Gaikai
One of the larger rumors to pop up before this years E3, was that Sony was going to purchase the online game streaming service Gaikai. The service, wh...
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Sony Using Gaikai To Stream PS2 and PS1 Games
Yesterday we reported that Sony was going to acquire high profile cloud gaming service Gaikai. What wasn’t exactly sure is what they would use t...
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Sony To Possibly Acquire Gaikai [Rumor]
Rumorville is in full force in the days leading up to E3. One of the bigger rumors coming around is that Sony was going to acquire a high profile clou...
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Gaikai CEO: Why Cloud Gaming Works on Facebook
It looks like FarmVille and FrontierVille have some competition on their hands after Gaikai announced a beta app for its Facebook gaming service. The ...
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Gaikai Predicts Death Of Game Consoles
What would happen if one of the big three console manufacturers dropped out of the console race? That is what was hinted at CES this week when Nanea R...
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