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Tag: Gadgets

Amazon Fire Tablet Gets New Color and Storage Options
Amazon just announced new color and storage options for its Fire tablet. There are three new colors (magenta, blue, and tangerine) to join the black o...
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Oculus Rift Ships, SDK Updated
Facebook’s Oculus announced pre-orders for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device in January for $599. The company just announced that shipping ...
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Google Just Renamed The Chromecast App
Google announced that it has renamed the Chromecast app to fit better with its strategy of providing cast technology across more device. When the app ...
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Amazon Unveils Echo Dot and Amazon Tap
Amazon announced two new Alexa-enabled devices called Echo Dot and Amazon Tap. Describing the former, an Amazon spokesperson tells WebProNews, “...
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Crowdfunded Ion Belt puts a complete smartphone recharge around your waist
​Portable battery boosters are a great idea. Trouble is you’ve always left them at home when your phone decides to haemorrhage its last 20% of...
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Fashion brands up the smartwatch game with designer Android Wear watch faces
​Already tired of your smartwatch’s limited array of customisation options? Yeah, us too. Well, Google has partnered with a number of fashion ...
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Domino’s Apple Watch app will tell you when it’s pizza time
​The only thing worse than a hangover is a New Year’s Day hangover, but help is now just a screen tap away for Apple Watch owners. Domino̵...
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Fitbit launches its first colour touchscreen tracker with the Blaze
Fitbit is the market leader in wearables, so it might come as a surprise to hear that it’s only just announced its first colour touchscreen devi...
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Kids can play whack-a-mole with these new Skechers
If you’ve ever experienced the joy of owning those light-up trainers as a kid – you know, the ones that had flashing red lights on the sid...
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Hands-on with Casio’s rugged Android Wear watch
You might not think that by looking at this thing, but the larger-than-life Casio Smart Outdoors Watch WSD-F10 marks a serious step forward in smartwa...
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Amazon Claims Record Weekend For Its Devices
Amazon says it had a record holiday shopping weekend for sales of its devices. While the company didn’t reveal any hard numbers, it says it sold...
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Microsoft’s Zune Completely Dead Now
Microsoft first released the Zune as its competitor to Apple’s iPod in 2006. While the device looked promising at the time, it just didn’t...
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Google Unveils New Nexus Phones, Pixel C Tablet
Google made a bunch of announcements at a press event today, including the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, which we talked about here. Among the ...
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Netflix, Hulu And Others Headed To Virtual Reality
You’ll soon be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming services in virtual reality, it was revealed today at an Oculus developers...
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Amazon Just Unveiled A Bunch Of New Fire Devices
Amazon has been making headlines over the failure of its Fire Phone, but its Fire tablets and Fire TV devices live on with new models just being unvei...
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Amazon Makes Echo Smart Device Available To The Masses
Last year, Amazon unveiled Echo, its smart device that serves as a speaker and a virtual assistant. Until now, it’s been available on an invitat...
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Amazon Launches New Store for Shark Tank Stuff
Ok, not just Shark Tank stuff – Amazon wants to sell you all the hot new gadgets and gizmos. The company has just launched a new storefront called A...
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Google Glass Will Be Back When It’s ‘Perfect’
Last month, Google Glass Explorer Edition went off the market. While it’s been pretty clear that the device would be back in one capacity or ano...
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Google Glass: If You Want One, You Better Get It Now
As has been widely reported, Google Glass, at least in its current form, is going away. Google says it will continue to develop the technology, and we...
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Google Glass: Looking Back On 3 Years Of Ridicule
It was nearly three years ago that Google first unveiled its “crazy future glasses,” under the label Project Glass, which would go on to b...
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