Qualcomm Granted Exemption to Sell 4G Chips to Huawei

Qualcomm has been granted an exemption, allowing it to sell 4G chips to Huawei despite the sanctions currently in effect agains the company.

TSMC Cuts Off Huawei Following Us Factory Announcement

TSMC has stopped taking chip orders from Huawei following its plans to open a US factory.

Huawei Focusing on China As Worldwide Growth Slows

Huawei is focusing on its home turf in the race to rollout 5G, while its worldwide growth slows as a result of U.S. pressure.

Huawei Warns of Fallout If U.S. Cuts Off Chip Supplies

Huawei is warning that Pandora’s box would be opened if the U.S. proceeds with its plans to cut the company off from its chip supplies.

U.S. Taking Measures to Limit Huawei’s Chip Supplies

U.S. officials are moving forward with plans to cut off Huawei’s chip supplies in an effort to blunt the company’s 5G dominance.

U.S. May Tighten Noose Around Huawei, Cut Off Chip Supply

In its ongoing battle with Chinese firm Huawei, the U.S. may be planning on tightening the noose by cutting off its access to chip suppliers, such as Taiwan’s TSMC.