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Tag: Flash Player

New Windows 10 Update Preemptively Kills Adobe Flash Player
The latest Windows 10 update puts the nail in Adobe Flash Player’s coffin, permanently removing the software....
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Flash Player Update Fixes A Bunch Of Vulnerabilities
Adobe recently released updates to Flash Player and Air across all platforms, fixing a total of twelve security issues. “Adobe has released secu...
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Flash Played Extended Support Upgrades To Version 13 In May
If you want to be secure on the Web, it’s best that you keep all your extensions upgraded. Flash Player is no exception as its does occasionally...
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Flash Player 11.9 Updated, Improves Safari With Safe Mode
It’s that time of the month again where Adobe releases another update for Flash Player and AIR. This month’s update includes a number of f...
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Flash Player’s Worst Nightmare Is Now In Firefox Nightly
Adobe’s Flash Player is one of the few plugins on the Internet that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. HTML5 has certainly tried to det...
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Flash Player 11.9, AIR 3.9 Beta Now Available
Do you like living on the edge? Does untested software excite you? If so, you might just want to enroll in a new beta rolling out this week. Adobe ann...
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Adobe Flash And AIR Updated With New Features
Adobe Flash and AIR are nigh inseparable these days. Developers wanting to create high quality Flash games for mobile devices use AIR to take advantag...
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Want Extended Support For Flash Player? Update To Version 11.7
Not everybody can update to the latest and greatest versions of software all the time. That’s especially true for those in work settings when it...
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Flash Player 11.7, AIR 3.7 Introduce New Features And Tools
Adobe continues its tireless march of improving its software with new updates being released for both Flash Player and AIR today. First, Flash Player ...
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Adobe Adds Game Developer Tools To Creative Cloud
Back in February, Adobe published a white paper that outlined the future of Flash Player. The company said that it would be refocusing its efforts on ...
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Today Is The Last Day To Get Flash For Android
We all knew this day was coming. It was going to be hard to accept, but Adobe told us all to move on. Android 4.1 users didn’t have a choice, bu...
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Adobe May Have Dropped Flash Support For Android, But You Don’t Have To
You may remember last month when Adobe announced that Jelly Bean was not going to get Flash. Ice Cream Sandwich was going to be the last version of An...
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Like Flash Player On Android? You Have Until August 15 To Say Goodbye
One of the major bragging rights for Android users is that their operating system allows for the use of Flash. Adobe eventually came around to Apple&#...
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YouTube Upgrading Embed Codes To ActionScript 3
You may have a Web site that uses copious amounts of YouTube videos that solely rely on Flash player across your many pages. Chances are you have embe...
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Flash Player Updater Is Now Less Annoying
We reported this morning on the new Flash Player 11.2 update that’s beneficial to developers, especially for games. None of that really affected...
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Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Puts Games At The Forefront
Adobe published a white paper last month that outlined their plans for the Flash Player in the future. One of the things mentioned was that the compan...
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Adobe Outlines Future Of Flash Player And AIR
Adobe has been a leading player in creating tools for Web content creation for the past decade with Flash Player. With the emergence of HTML5 and othe...
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Adobe Launches Flash Player 10.1 for Mobile
Adobe announced today that Flash Player 10.1 for mobile is now available, saying that it...
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