Google Tells FTC a Hot News Doctrine Would Hurt Journalism

Last month the Federal Trade Commission published its staff discussion draft of potential policy recommendations to "support the reinvention of journalism." Those potential recommendations have been the subject of a fair amount of controversy throughout the industry.

Report: Tough Review Of Google-ITA Deal Likely

Five days ago, Google and ITA Software announced that they’d reached a "definitive agreement" covering an acquisition.  Only – if you hadn’t already guessed – it looks like a government agency may have a thing or two to say, as a new report indicates that antitrust regulators will take a close look at the transaction.

The main concern is that Google might eventually withhold flight data (which ITA provides) from its search rivals (Bing is one ITA customer).  The search giant’s only promised to honor existing agreements so far.

Apple Makes FTC Rethink Google-AdMob Deal

The bad news for Google is that the FTC still hasn’t approved its acquisition of AdMob, and according to a fresh report, has in fact decided to take even more time to think things over.  The good news is that the FTC was supposedly motivated to review the situation by a development that makes a Google monopoly look less probable.

FTC Complaint Targets Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

The Center for Digital Democracy, the federation of state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), and the World Privacy Forum may have just created some problems for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other companies that deal in online ads.  Together, they submitted a complaint about the companies to the Federal Trade Commission today.