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Email Named Most Important Tool For Work
Remember years ago when social media really started coming into its own, and people thought it might one day replace email? It didn’t take incre...
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Last Minute Holiday Help for Small Businesses
For small business owners, the holiday season can engender mixed emotions. On one hand, the months leading up to the holidays – November and D...
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Magic Johnson Offers His Expertise To Improve Diversity In Silicon Valley
The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley recently made headlines as statistics on their racial and gender make-up were revealed, showing a largely whit...
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Starbucks Stout Flavored Latte Hits Test Markets
Pumpkin spice and salted caramel-flavored coffee sure says fall to many people – but what about a coffee that tastes like cold weather’s favor...
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Sammy Hagar: Red Rocker as Business Tycoon
Sammy Hagar has made the news lately because of a libel lawsuit that has been dogging him for years. Lawyers have managed to keep more serious issues ...
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Facebook Wants You to Buy Things Directly from the News Feed
As of now, if you happen to click on a news feed ad on Facebook, you’ll be taken to the business’ site – outside the realm of Facebook. ...
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Target Politely Requests You Leave Your Guns at Home
Target would be ever so grateful if you left your firearms at home before shopping for home goods. “As you’ve likely seen in the media, there ...
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The Atari E.T. Game Land Fill Legend
The year is 1983. The Alamogordo Daily News reported in September that between 10-20 (actually 14) semi-trucks coming from a storehouse in El Paso, Te...
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Jessica Alba Does ‘Supermom’ With Style
Jessica Alba is the quintessential Supermom–and she fulfills the role with style and grace. The 32-year-old actress recently enjoyed a child-fre...
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PacSun Shirts Spark Debate: Are They Inappropriate?
The mother who bought the entire stock of “indecent” shirts from a PacSun in a Utah mall has caused quite a stir. The media frenzy that sh...
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Paula Deen Has New Hope For Comeback
Paula Deen has found the recipe for comeback success. She is reportedly going to be the recipient of a $75 million dollar cash infusion from a private...
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Paula Deen Is Back In Business With New Partner
Paula Deen is getting back in business, ya’ll. It has been less than a year since Deen admitted on the stand she used a racial slur toward an em...
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Janet Yellen to Make First Speech as New Fed Chair
Janet Yellen, as the newly appointed Fed chair and first woman to ever hold the post, will make her first comments today before the House Financial Se...
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Meat Recall Amounts To a Year’s Worth of Product
Northern California meat producer, Rancho Feeding Corp., is recalling 8.7 million pounds, or what amounts to about a year’s worth, of meat. The ...
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Hot Coffee Once Again Lands McDonald’s in Hot Water
Nearly 20 years after Stella Liebeck won compensatory and punitive damages from McDonald’s after spilling hot coffee in her lap and sustaining s...
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Macy’s Job Cuts: Chain Aims To Save $100 Million
Despite its financial success over the holiday, Macy’s has announced plans for closings and layoffs for 2014. By early spring, the company will be c...
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Macy’s Cuts Jobs And Plans To Close Five Stores
Macy’s has created a reorganization plan and it includes closing five stores and cutting 2,500 jobs. Currently Macy’s has 840 stores in 45...
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CheeriosTo Become GMO-Free, A Big Business Decision For General Mills
With all of the controversy surrounding GMOs and the way they are used in food, some companies are starting to take notice, and are altering their pro...
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Unemployment: A Long Term Problem; No End in Sight
CNN Money reported recently about one woman’s struggle to find a job. Lena Rouse was an IT analyst at a regional bank and was laid off from her ...
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Dan Aykroyd Talks Business and We Talk About Him
It’s the 30th anniversary of one of America’s favorite Christmas movies, Trading Places. Entrepreneurs are eating up Dan Aykroyd’s a...
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