Democrats Created Fake Russian Twitter Bots to Influence Election

The New York Times reported that Democrats created fake Russian Twitter bots in a disinformation campaign, also known as fake news, in order to influence voters to influence the Senate election in Alabama.

Regulation of Google and Facebook Will Impair Their Futures

Former Facebook Director Donald Graham says that regulation of Google and Facebook will slow them down dramatically and probably impair their futures significantly. He said that the idea that companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are permanent just isn’t so.

Vivek Wadhwa: Facebook is a Defective Product and Should be Held Liable

Should social media companies be held liable for creating products that make people hate each other? Harvard Law School Distinguished Fellow Vivek Wadhwa says yes they should.

Conservatives See Facebook War Room As War on Them

Facebook has created a War Room ahead of the midterm election that is filled with data scientists and specialists trying to stop the spread of what it considers fake news.

Facebook Takes Steps to Remove Posts That Incite Violence

A recent Congressional hearing revealed that Facebook’s policies regarding fake news and posts that encourage violence need to be revamped. Now the social media giant is finally taking steps that will allow the platform to take down hateful and violence-inciting…

Twitter Gets Rid of 70 Million Fake Accounts in May and June, Cracks Down on Trolls

Twitter has been aggressively suspending false accounts in a bid to curtail the spread of fake news. The company’s massive crackdown on trolls and bots have resulted in one million dubious accounts being deleted or suspended per day. According to…

Facebook’s Plan to Include Videos in Its News Feed Draws Suspicion from Publishers

Facebook has been under pressure to combat the prevalence of fake news on its platform, which prompted the company to implement measures such as blocking ads from companies that shared unreliable content last year. But the social media giant is…

Facebook Plans to Fight Fake News with User Surveys

Facebook is now trying out a new strategy to combat fake news. In a surprising move, the social media giant feels that the best way to handle the issue is by surveying the users themselves on which news sources they…

Facebook to Block Ads From Publishers Who Share Fake News

Facebook has ramped up its drive to combat the spread of fake news and hoaxes. It announced on Monday, that it will no longer allow Pages known to have repeatedly shared fake news in the past to advertise on its platform.…

Facebook Combats Fake News With Related Articles and Updated Machine Learning Technology

Facebook is making steps to ensure that everyone gets their facts right before forming their own opinion on a topic trending on the popular social media platform. Recently, the company tweaked its Related Articles feature and introduced an updated machine…