Facebook Has A New Directory For Local Places

Facebook has an interesting new local search and discovery tool available at Facebook.com/places. It gives users a look at places with Facebook pages, including those your friends have been to (with their comments) and others who have left reviews. The…

Instagram Surpasses 200 Million Users, Tests Facebook Places Integration

Instagram announced that it has grown to over 200 million active users “capturing and sharing their lives every month.” The announcement comes about thirteen months after it announced 100 million monthly active users. Instagram also says it has exceeded 20…

Facebook Places and Check-In Deals Come to Pages

Facebook is making changes that make it easier for businesses to manage their Facebook presence and get customers to engage. InsideFacebook reports that Facebook has confirmed with them that it has started bringing Facebook Places functionality (including Check-In Deals) to…

Facebook Places Launches In More Countries

A service that exists to let people broadcast their physical location has, fittingly enough, begun operating in a few more spots.  There’s word today that Facebook Places now works in Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South…

Foursquare Announcements Coming at SXSW

This week, we posted an article about some comments Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley made about competing with Facebook. He responded to this, and we exchanged a few tweets. Bottom line: expect multiple announcements from the company at SXSW. 

Changing Facebook Places Privacy Settings

With the roll out of Facebook Places to more locations across the globe (Ireland now being available as of last week) I am predicting there are many digital and social media agencies proposing programmes to make use of this opportunity to businesses for location based mobile marketing.

But what there is little coverage of is the impact of the launch of Facebook Places in terms of our personal privacy as it related to our own Facebook Personal Profile.

Facebook Places Launches In The UK

Some Facebook users who live to the east of the Atlantic can now share their location on the site.  Today, Facebook Places launched in the UK, allowing people to check in and tag their friends (or not) as they move around in the real world.

Nothing’s different about the way Facebook Places operates in the UK compared to the US, so we won’t bother with lots of long descriptions and technical details.  Plenty of documentation already exists.

A New Option for Businesses to Levarage Facebook Places

Social app developer Fan Appz has just announced that it has integrated its platform with Facebook Places. The company says this gives businesses "a powerful and easy way to create highly relevant offers based on a customer’s offline activities."

That doesn’t sound bad. 

Booyah Utilizes Facebook Places for Standalone App

Booyah, makers of the check-in app/game MyTown, have unveiled a new game today, and it is is the first standalone app to utilize the recently launched Facebook Places API.

"In addition to being the first app built exclusively for Facebook Places, it is the only app that accesses Facebook Search," says Booyah.

“Photo Memories” Tab Spotted Attached to Facebook Places

It’s become clear that check-ins are becoming about more than just locations. While location is obviously a big part of it, we’ve seen several examples of non-place "check-ins". For example, Booyah recently released product check-ins. Third parties have already begun using Facebook Places for physical items.

Facebook Catches a Hot Potato

Last month, rumors emerged that Facebook may have been buying Hot Potato. As Doug Caverly described, "Hot Potato is a check-in service that takes possibilities other than physical locations into account.  Users can, for example, say they’re listening to a particular song or reading a certain novel, not just check in at a concert or a bookstore."

Using and Attracting Customers with Facebook Places

Facebook Places is going to be huge for businesses. It already is. You’ve probably been hearing about all of the opportunities that come with check-in apps like Foursquare, Gowalla, etc. Facebook has half a billion users. This takes things to a whole new level.

Checking In with Facebook Places

If you watched Facebook’s news event, you know that the company unveiled Facebook Places, its much-anticipated location feature. This lets users "check in" to places from their mobile device and let their friends know where they’re at and who they’re with in real time.