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Tag: Facebook IPO

Facebook Offers 70 Million More Shares, Heads To Court Over IPO
Facebook announced on Thursday that it is offering 70,000,000 new shares of its Class A common stock, with 27,004,761 shares being offered by the comp...
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Facebook Stock Rallies, Nearly Hits Its IPO Price
For the first time since the IPO, Facebook stock approached $38 a share today. It didn’t actually hit that significant number (that’s what...
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Facebook and Its IPO Made San Mateo County the Highest-Paid County in America
According to figures just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Facebook’s May 2012 IPO made San Mateo county, California the most well-pa...
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New Facebook Lawsuit, Same Old Facebook IPO Gripe
A new lawsuit filed by a Facebook shareholder claims that the company knew about downward trends in revenue tied to increased user defection to mobile...
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Facebook Wants to Keep “FB” on the Nasdaq Exchange
As of yesterday, Facebook executives have decided it’s a good idea to keep their stock, ticker symbol “FB”, listed on the Nasdaq Sto...
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Facebook Underwriters Unsure About Q2 Performance
Estimates of Facebook’s second quarter financial performance are starting to pour in, and not surprisingly, the social network’s lead unde...
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SEC Investigates Nasdaq and NYSE After Facebook IPO Breakdown
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) isn’t buying that Nasdaq’s much publicized computer glitch on the opening day of FacebookR...
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LivingSocial Not Going Public Anytime Soon
In light of the totally botched Facebook IPO, it’s no wonder many tech companies are in no hurry to go public. According to LivingSocial CEO Tim...
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Nasdaq Glitch Blamed for Facebook’s Abysmal IPO Performance
As we reported on Friday, Nasdaq is getting the blame for Facebook’s botched IPO launch and the subsequent poor trading performance in the days ...
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Why Facebook Isn’t a Bad Investment for Everyone
Back on the 12th of June, Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an article explaining how so many investors were enticed by Facebook’s public ...
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Facebook Blames Nasdaq and Wants to Consolidate IPO Investor Lawsuits
The one month anniversary of Facebook’s much anticipated initial public offering is close at hand, and the social networking giant has yet to ad...
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UBS Lost $350 Million on Facebook IPO Trades
Earlier this week we reported that the Nasdaq stock exchange had set aside $40 million to compensate investors who were hurt financially by the comput...
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Facebook Stock Rises after ComScore Finds Ads Work
Yesterday, ComScore released details of their latest study on Facebook advertising and the news is pretty good. Despite many claims and self-report su...
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Nasdaq Scrutinized for Facebook IPO Investor Compensation Plan
Yesterday, Nasdaq announced it was finally making some reparations to investors who were effected by the mysterious computer glitch that plagued Faceb...
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The Facebook IPO and the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market [INFOGRAPHIC]
While we’re all well aware that Facebook’s IPO has gone less-than-swimmingly for most everyone involved, there could be one metric where t...
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Facebook Stock on the Rise as Nasdaq Sets Aside Millions to Compensate Investors
Good news all the way around for Facebook investors. Despite sluggish trading and constantly declining stock prices, today’s trading took a turn...
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Mark Zuckerberg Sued For Unloading Facebook Stock
Mark Zuckerberg and mega-social media site Facebook have both been in the news quite a bit recently, between the company’s disastrous IPO and th...
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Could Twitter be Acquired by Google in Light of Facebook IPO Fallout?
Could Twitter be acquired by Google? It seems like a rather outlandish idea, but thanks to the recent flop by Facebook in their efforts to go public, ...
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Nasdaq Hopes to Appease Facebook Investors with Modest Compensation
The Nasdaq OMX Group hopes to make up for that small-but-disastrous glitch on the day of Facebook’s initial public offering by compensating affe...
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Facebook Stocks Finds New Low at $25.75
It seems like everyday marks a new low for the folks over at Facebook. Today, stock prices slipped below the $26 mark to $25.75. Considering shares st...
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