Facebook is Encouraging Users to Fill Out Their “Lists”

It seems that Facebook wants users to use its “smart lists” feature a little more. Inside Facebook is reporting that some Facebook users are now seeing suggestions for people to add to their “close friends” list, right in their sidebar.…

Facebook Events Getting New Features

Do you use Facebook Events to plan your birthday party or that ill advised sweater party from last year that nobody came to even though you invited everybody on your friends list? If so, there are some changes coming that…

Facebook Groups As A Small Business Intranet Option

When Facebook Groups was unveiled last year, I was skeptical. Facebook tinkers with its platform so much (to its credit) that I sometimes just tune out. Professionally, I need to know about these changes. And, more importantly, I need to know how they impact my clients. But, this one just didn’t do much for me.

Until I started revisiting the tool recently.