Facebook Faces Suit over Kids’ App Purchases

Facebook is facing a class action lawsuit that could force it to refund hundreds of thousands of parents whose children made “unauthorized” purchases for in-app items on the site. A California judge has ruled the the suit must progress, despite…

Facebook Launches Local Currency Payments API, Sets Date For Facebook Credits Death

About a year ago, Facebook announced that it was launching subscription payments and local currency support for in-app payments while getting rid of Facebook Credits. In March, the company previewed local currency payments for game developers. Today, Facebook announced that…

Facebook Introduces The Payer Promotion API

Facebook has been playing around with Payer Promotion for a while now. It lets app developers on Facebook offer special discounts on in-game items to first-time players and other eligible users. Facebook claims that it helps to increase payer conversion…

Facebook Ditches Credits In Favor Of Real Money

Facebook is launching subscription payments and local currency support for in-app payments, while getting rid of Facebook Credits. According to Facebook’s Credits page (pictured above), only 852 people liked Credits anyway. “With subscriptions, you can establish a recurring revenue stream…

Facebook IPO: Are Facebook Credits About To Become More Important?

The Facebook IPO is going live today and everybody is asking a multitude of questions. Is Facebook worth investing in? Is it just a fad? Will it be the biggest tech IPO in history? One question that seems to be…

Facebook’s 30 Percent Revenue Share May Soon Not Apply To All Apps

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Facebook gets a 30 percent cut whenever somebody buys Facebook credits to spend on in-game purchases. It’s the leading reason behind Facebook’s continued dependence on Zynga and other game developers who make up…

Earn Facebook Credits By Eating Taco Bell with Plink

Attention Cityville, Mafia Wars, and Bejeweled players, I bet you’d like to earn Facebook Credits by doing something you probably do all the time. A new loyalty service called Plink allows you to dine your way to Facebook currency riches.…

Facebook Credits: New Payment Methods and Other Updates

Facebook announced some updates to Facebook Credits. These include: new payments methods, a new policy, updated documentation and a breaking change for the Credits callback. First off, new payments methods that have been added include: ELV (Germany) MyCard Mobile (HongKong,…

Facebook Insights for Credits Launched

Facebook just announced the launch of Insights for Credits, so developers can get a look at metrics related to transactions within their apps. You can view data on: user spend chargebacks refunds “Insights for Credits uses the same data that…

PayPal Now an Option for Apps Using Facebook Credits

Facebook and PayPal announced today that Facebook app developers can now select PayPal as a payout option when they integrate Facebook Credits in their apps. This is huge news for e-commerce on Facebook, and should be ultimately for the success…

Facebook Movie Rental Expands, Thanks to Warner Bros.

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. started testing movie rentals via Facebook, a move that could end up having a far-reaching impact on the movie rental industry as a whole, as well as for Facebook. The test began with the movie…

Facebook Movie Rental: The Future Norm?

You may find yourself doing a lot more than just “liking” a movie on Facebook in the near future. There’s a chance that Facebook could become your go-to movie rental destination.¬†Here’s who should be worried about this: Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox,…

Is Facebook’s New “Buy with Friends” a Hint at Bigger Things to Come?

Facebook is all about friends, so it stands to reason that friends be the main facilitators of marketing through the social network. This is a sentiment driven home by Facebook’s new Sponsored Stories, as well as another new product they’re testing called "Buy With Friends". 

Facebook Credits To Become Universal Currency On Site

A currency – whether real or virtual – is only as good as the extent to which it’s accepted.  So to increase the value of Facebook Credits (figuratively speaking), Facebook will soon make them a mandatory option in social games that use payments.

Users and developers shouldn’t react with too much dismay.  Other in-game currencies will be still be permitted, and Facebook intends to let developers keep 70 percent of the revenue from transactions that involve Facebook Credits.

EA In Five-Year Deal With Facebook

Electronic Arts said today it has signed a five-year agreement with Facebook under  which Facebook Credits will become the exclusive payment method for EA games on the social networking site.

As part of the agreement, EA will receive the same 70 percent revenue share for Facebook Credits as is standard for all developers on Facebook.

Walmart, Best Buy To Begin Selling Facebook Credits

It’s perhaps not too much of a stretch to describe either Best Buy or Walmart as omnipresent, and together, the two retail chains are definitely hard to avoid.  So it looks like Facebook’s virtual currency will soon receive a huge push, as Walmart and Best Buy are supposed to start selling Facebook Credits gift cards.

Zynga Strengthens Ties With Facebook Credits

Facebook and a social game developer with which many (or maybe most) users are familiar are now closer than ever.  Zynga’s officially made Facebook Credits the exclusive payment option for most of its Facebook games.

This may not come as a surprise to many people, given that Facebook and Zynga announced a five-year partnership back in May.  But the companies didn’t mention anything about omnipresence or exclusivity at the time, meaning this is an important development.

Playdom Enters Facebook Credits Deal

Facebook Credits are fast becoming the official currency of developers everywhere.  Following recent announcements involving LOLapps, CrowdStar, RockYou, and Wooga, Playdom has also entered a deal that will see it using nothing other than Facebook Credits for the next handful of years.

RockYou Swears Allegiance To Facebook Credits

Facebook’s virtual currency has scored a significant win.  Today, RockYou, which is the developer behind apps including "SuperWall" and "Pieces of Flair," announced that it will effectively recognize no form of virtual money other than Facebook Credits for the next five years.

Facebook and CrowdStar Enter Five-Year Agreement Around Facebook Credits

CrowdStar, the makers of popular (on Facebook) games like "Happy Aquarium," "Happy Island," "Zoo Paradise," "Happy Pets," and "Hello City", has entered into a five-year strategic relationship with Facebook, in order to accelerate growth of these games.