New Variant of Flashback Malware Exploits Unpatched Java Vulnerability in Macs

A new variant of the Flashback trojan has appeared, exploiting a Java vulnerability found in Macs. Cyber security firm F-secure announced this discovery via its blog today. Flashback is a trojan that was originally distributed in the guise of erotic…

Majority Of Facebook Users Don

A majority of Facebook users say they connect to the social networking site from work, but 73 percent have not "friended" their boss, according to a new report from F-Secure.

More than half (58%) of Facebook users said they visit the site at least occasionally at work and 77 percent report they actively use the privacy settings on the site.


Google Partners with NSA on Cyber Attack Analysis

Update 4: Google has reportedly now teamed up with the National Security Agency to analyze the attack and try to better defend against such attacks in the future.